The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Creating a Miracle

What Gu Xijiu just did had shocked everyone, and then, somebody in the crowd upstairs clapped. It started with only a few claps, followed by the rest and in the end, a thunderous applause was heard by almost the entire crowd.

Gu Xietian especially, had his palms turning red because of the claps - he was feeling so proud!

Unfortunately, he had some struggles too. This daughter of his seemed to be closer to the crown prince, while he was an avid supporter of the fourth prince

At this moment, the people had already recognized the medical skills of Gu Xijiu. Therefore, Yu Gelao immediately pleaded Gu Xijiu to save his other son.

When Yu Muqing saw his own brother vomiting blood, he was very scared as he felt that he could no longer be healed as even the saint could not heal his brother. It was no question why his face turned very pale.

Later, when he saw that Gu Xijiu saved his brother from the brink of death, his eyes brightened with hope!

Gu Xijiu came before him, "Childe Yu, do you believe in my skills?"

Yu Muqing could not speak and was thus nodding his head fast.

Gu Xijiu looked at him and demanded, "I dont want to read your facial expressions, say it out loud if you believe in my abilities! Otherwise, Ill not heal you."

Yu Muqing was shocked because he did not know how he could ever speak after being mute!

Yu Gelao quickly said, "Miss Gu, since his returned from the Dark Forest, he can no longer speak"

"No, he can speak." The voice of Gu Xijiu was clear and calm, "It's all in his mind, thinking that he cant speak!"

Yu Gelao, ""

The people, "" They were all confused.

Gu Xijiu looked at the slightly opened mouth of Yu Muqing and she insisted with an even more apathetic voice, "Ill count up to three, and if youre still not saying it out loud, Ill completely ignore you. One!"

Yu Muqing was blushing and beads of sweat broke out on his forehead.

"Two!" Gu Xijiu urged.

Yu Muqing tried his best to open and close his mouth and finally, he managed to blurt out a word, "Believe!" His voice echoed loud and clear to his utter disbelief!

As he was afraid that Gu Xijiu would truly ignore him, he continued and pleaded, "I believe! I believe! Please save me"

Gu Xijiu smiled and touched his head, "Good job."

Yu Muqing was stunned because the little girl in front of him was shorter and younger than he was, but she was patting him like he was a kid!

But he dared not get angry for the time being. He looked at her and asked, "Are you willing to heal me now?"

Gu Xijiu passed him a pill and instructed, "Have this first and I will teach both of you a set of kungfu to practice. Then, youll be healed after an hour."

The people, "" Was she so good?!

Yu Muqing and Yu Mubai's eyes were glimmered. They had full trust in Gu Xijiu now. Therefore, after they had swallowed the pill, they meditated according to what Gu Xijiu had taught them.

The meditation method which Gu Xijiu taught them was totally different from any other available methods in this world. It was what she learned from an ancient kungfu master in the modern era. The effect was similar to the Five Animal Play which was used to recover ones well-being.

After an hour, the two children jumped up from the futon, looked at each other and were delighted.

They were healed!

The two who could not stand properly even when supported, were now able to stand up. Though their faces were still pale, their vitality was much better than it was previously.

The two of them kowtowed towards Gu Xijiu together, "Thank you, Miss Gu!" Their movement was in perfect unison and they were both handsome!

The people paused in silence before they giving a big round of applause.

A miracle. Gu Xijiu had just conjured a miracle!