The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1312

Chapter 1312: Let Me Save You

Gu Xijiu did not know how to respond. It was no wonder that they said it was difficult to be a female doctor. If a man had to be responsible for her every time she took a look at his body, she would have nothing else to do than get married all the time, one man after another.

"It is unnecessary. If you speak another word, I will make sure you lose your arm."

Her words were able to stop Baili Ce from talking.

Gu Xijiu worried that he would struggle when she was operating on him, so she fed him a dose of traditional anesthetic after putting him onto the table. She also suppressed some of his acupuncture points.

The traditional anesthetic was made from a herbal concoction according to the modern aesthetic. Although it might not work as wonderfully as modern drugs, it still worked. The patients would stay conscious, but the pain would be significantly reduced.

To reconnect one's arm required delicate handwork. In order to avoid any interference, she locked door.

When she was finally ready to begin, suddenly, she could hear Lu Wu scratching the door and calling out for her.

Gu Xijiu was incredibly irritated, especially after all that had happened that day. She could hardly calm herself down. Hence, Lu Wu's interference at the door irritated her even further. She could not hold back her irritation and shouted, "Lu Wu, behave yourself! I am about to operate on a patient and should never be distracted. If you disturb me anymore, I will abandon you."

Her threat was working. The scratching stopped.

In another recovery room, Di Fuyi tried tostay awake. He knew about his injury, so he required the mussel to perform its first task. "Go and call your master."

The mussel was occupied, so it decided to send Lu Wu. Lu Wu knew clearly how important the task was, so it went away immediately.

However, it came back to Di Fuyi looking dejected as it bowed its head in dismay. It cried out frantically at the sight of the mussel.

Perplexed, the mussel turned to look at Di Fuyi. "Lu Wu told me that she is now operating on somebody else, so she cannot come here."

Di Fuyi's eyes darkened.

Luo Zhanyu continued, "Let me save you. I am a skilled doctor, too. I know how to heal your wounds."

Di Fuyi's lips moved a little, as though he was about to say something, but he passed out before he could say anything.

Luo Zhanyu dared not take the matter lightly and quickly treated his wounds.

After dismissing Lu Wu, Gu Xijiu took a deep breath before resuming the operation. Every blood vessel had to be reconnected, and every nerve had to be linked together. She also had to make sure that his bones were in place.

She tried to suppress her discomfort and stayed focused. After an hour and a half, most of his arm was safely reconnected.

While she was still busy managing the arm, there were a few anxious knocks on the door.

She was obviously out of patience, as she had made it clear before that she should never be distracted while she was performing the operations. Who would it be this time at the door?

"What is this nonsense? Go away!"

"Xijiu, it is I. Open the door now, I have an urgent matter to tell you!" Luo Zhanyu's voice could be heard coming from the door.

Gu Xijiu hesitated, as she stopped the operation that was halfway done. "Brother, I am performing an operation on Baili Ce now. I have to get it done quickly. Otherwise, he will lose his arm."

"Xijiu, there is another man who is severely injured. I cannot help him, you have to go and take a look."

Gu Xijiu was puzzled. "Give me another half an hour."

"Master, Celestial Master Zuo is not doing well! I am afraid he cannot afford to wait for another half an hour, you have to come and check on him quickly!" The mussel broke into tears as it spoke.

"Dang!" Gu Xijiu was shocked by the sudden news. The knife in her hand fell onto the ground.