The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1315

Chapter 1315: Saving Him (3)

Luo Zhanyu could not help as it was a very complicated surgery. She should handle it herself. He retreated to a corner quietly. He would only hand her some surgical equipment, occasionally.

Gu Xijiu did not speak another word. She never asked about Baili Ce's condition. She had probably forgotten about his existence.

It had been a very long day for Gu Xijiu, as she had been fighting beasts all day. It was even more physically draining in the last fight, especially the one with the evil dragon.

After that, she had been operating on Baili Ce for more than two hours. Her operation on Di Fuyi took her another four hours. She had been standing all this while.

It was already midnight. Gu Xijiu was still restless.

Although she appeared calm, her face was still ashen. The sweats that broke upon her forehead had indeed revealed her current condition.

Luo Zhanyu offered to replace her, but she refused.

The surgery had been going on for almost nine hours, and she finally did it.

She managed to stitch the wound on his heart that had been punctured. His rib bones were once again connected. She used her spiritual power to heal all affected organs.

Although the surgery was over, Di Fuyi was still unconscious and unresponsive. Luo Zhanyu could see how bad she looked, so he requested for her to leave and take a rest. He offered to stay and look after Di Fuyi.

Again, Gu Xijiu refused to obey. She took a sip of water before taking a chair to sit down next to Di Fuyi. She looked like she was not going anywhere.

Luo Zhanyu had no choice, so he decided to let her be. He then decided to go and make her supper. When he served it, he saw that Gu Xijiu was still sitting there. She grabbed Di Fuyi's hand firmly in hers and placed his hand on her cheek. "Celestial Master Zuo, don't you sleep any longer, alright? Wake up. Please wake up. I am scared to see you like this," she whispered.

She sobbed. "Di Fuyi, I am scared, I am terrified."

His hands were icy cold, so Gu Xijiu held onto his hands dearly, as she tried to warm him up with her body temperature. She clasped her face in his palms. Her tears gently flowed down her cheek into his hands.

In this night with no one around her, she finally revealed her vulnerability, as she had been holding on for far too long.

Luo Zhanyu was sad to see her like this.

His sister had been here for a while and was independent in everything she did. He had never seen her afraid of anything. However, he could now sense her real fear.

She was scared that Di Fuyi would die. She was terrified.

The mussel and Lu Wu behaved well, as they did not step out from their corner to interrupt her.

Luo Zhanyu stepped forward to read Di Fuyi's pulse. His pulse was still unsteady and slow. Typically, a person's pulse would read 70 or 80 beats per minute. His pulse was merely at 40 beats or so. Luckily, his pulse had become stronger, which meant that Gu Xijiu's surgery was a success.

He comforted Gu Xijiu. "Xijiu, don't be afraid. Celestial Master Zuo is a strong man. His physique resembled closely to that of a God. He has been through a lot in his life, so he will not die easily. When he first made it here, he was weak, almost at the point of death, but he was still able to fight another man and stun the crowd."

Gu Xijiu was too busy saving him, so she had not got time to think about when and how Di Fuyi came here. His words managed to stir her curiosity. She continued to ask for more.

Luo Zhanyu thus told her briefly about the situation when Di Fuyi first came in.