The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1321

Chapter 1321: Sharing The Same Bed And Pillow (4)

Although she has already slept for a while, her dark circles were still quite prominent. Her eyes that were like clear blue and vibrantwere draped with threads of red; even her once succulent lips started to become parched, with some strands of her hair tangled into knots. Her appearance was unusually ruffled.

His heart was both warm and sore. He patted her hand. "I'm fine now that I've already woken up. Why don't you clean yourself and grab something to eat first."

His words became a reminder to Gu Xijiu, and she reflexively touched her face. It was only then that she remembered that she had toiled herself for four days straight and neglected to wash her face.

Man, the only word to describe her appearance right now is unkempt!

She had shown her soiled face in front of him for that long! And even buried it in his chest!

Her face reddened as she got up immediately and said to him "I'll go wash up," then scurried away.

Luo Zhanyu could not help but rub his eyebrows. A woman will change her appearance for her lover; his sister who had always been headstrong finally showed some traces of femininity in front of Di Fuyi. Looks like she has truly fallen for him!

He turned his head and looked at Di Fuyi. "Has Your Excellency truly taken a liking to Xijiu?"

Di Fuyi shut his eyes slightly. "That goes without saying!"

"A liking so intense that you wish to betroth her?"

"If she hadn't run away, it would've been my wedding night with her five days ago."

Luo Zhanyu startled. His face turned solemn. "Running away before a wedding It must mean that something unacceptable to her has occurred, or why else would she run away taking into account her personality and affection toward you. Did you do anything to wrong her?"

Di Fuyi opened his eyes. In all of his life, he has never been interrogated like a common thief by anyone before, let alone a junior.

If it were before, he would not even budge to care about him, but now If he is Xijiu's brother, then he would be his brother-in-law Forget about it. For the sake of Xijiu, he would not stoop down to this insolent brat's level.

"I've had a misunderstanding with her, and I've come here to explain it."

"Xijiu has always had a cheerful and generous personality and isn't the type to fuss over trivial matters, more so to the fact that she likes you. If it were only a small understanding, I don't think she would've fled from the marriage" Luo Zhanyu was quite wise and astute.

Di Fuyi slightly lowered his eyes. "It was indeed not a small misunderstanding, but I'll explain it clearly to her."

Luo Zhanyu put on a firm face. "I don't care what misunderstanding you might have between you and her. But since she has already fled from your marriage, it proves that your relationship with her is less than optimistic. You didn't provide a sense of security to her"

He was thinking of the love and grudge between his parents. If it were not because of her disconsolate sadness, why would his mother have fled? If it were not because of his father's coercion, she would not have ended her life by leaping off a cliff.

He thereby loathed using the guise of emotion to coerce a woman to his side the most!

"Di Fuyi, I know that you are the venerable Celestial Master Zuo and possess a higher status than that of Xijiu. Your age is higher than my grandfather's, and you are much more scheming than Xijiu. I mean, everyone in the mainland has asserted that Celestial Master Zuo never makes any mistakes in his calculations and disregards everyone except The Lord...

Di Fuyi went into silence for a while. Finally, he asked, "Is that a compliment?"

Luo Zhanyu let out a humph. "I'm talking about the truth!"

Di Fuyi sighed. "So it was a compliment then, although it was quite extraordinary. So what are you trying to express through your flattery?"

Luo Zhanyu tightened his fists in his sleeve. "What I'm trying to say is no matter how noble your status is..."