The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1322

Chapter 1322: Sharing The Same Bed And Pillow (5)

Luo Zhanyu tightened his fists in his sleeve. "What I'm trying to say is no matter how noble your status is, in my heart, you aren't even worth the little finger of my sister! I forbid you from ever coercing her and imprisoning her in the name of love, making her life worse than death itself"

Di Fuyi glimpsed at him. "You mustn't have thought that I was your father!"

Luo Zhanyu, "..."

The Celestial Master's words were unbelievably arrogant and gave the ever meek Luo Zhanyu a strong impulse to punch him.

He had indeed felt a bit irascible. If Gu Xijiu had not slept for four nights straight, how could he ever go to bed soundly? He was always haunted by nightmares of Gu Xijiu committing suicide for love or her crying in the rain in dejection. They had always frightened him from his sleep and compelled him to check on his sister and to see whether Di Fuyi had died.

Now that Di Fuyi was finally awake, and seeing that he likely wouldn't die with his state, which meant that nothing bad would befall on his sister as well, Luo Zhanyu felt quite relieved.

But he was afraid that his sister would walk on the same path as his mother. He was still young when his mother was in agony and was thereby incapable of protecting her; all he could do was watch her wither and pale in desolation day by the day until she finally sought refuge in death.

Now that he has grown up and become a brave man, it was natural for him to want to protect his little sister, and not let anyone take advantage of her!

Luo Zhanyu took a light breath and laughed coldly. "Celestial Master Zuo, I don't care what your status is, but I will never let you bully my little sister! Once I get back, I'll investigate what happened between you two and check on Xijiu's intentions as well. If she had already forgone any interest toward you, I'd forbid you from imposing your will on her even for one bit! Even if she consents, I'll weigh the matter myself lest she falls under your deception!"

Di Fuyi, "..." This brat had quite assumed the position of a man and became that protective.

"Don't worry; I won't force her." Di Fuyi's voice was faint. "I'll let her choose for herself!"

Luo Zhanyu did not believe him. After all, he had heard about how mysterious, and aloof Celestial Master Zuo was since young.

Moreover, every time anyone here mentioned Celestial Master Zuo they would gnash their teeth in hatred, asserting that his heart was as black as a fox's, his methods were abhorrent, and his character callous; although he was the leader of the five disciples of the heaven's gift, the other four had greatly suffered under his maneuvers

In short, all he had heard from other about this Celestial Master Zuo was highly negative. If it were not for Gu Xijiu's concern toward him, Luo Zhanyu would not even have thought to save this person.

Now that this place was his territory, even if Di Fuyi were a dragon before he would be no match against him here, more so to the fact that Di Fuyi could not even compare to a dragon in his current state.

He could slash him to death in just one strike!

Luo Zhanyu's tone was thereby impudent. "Remember what I said, I'll keep my eye on you! Even if Xijiu had fallen in love with you in a rush of blood, I would not do the same! If you do anything to wrong her in the slightest, I'll have a way to kill you!"

It was quite a unique threat. Di Fuyi let out a laugh and sized him up with a look. "It was right of me to have saved you back then. Now you've become quite something."

Luo Zhanyu startled. He had accidentally entered the dark forests some years before and brought to grave injury by the beasts' attacks, and had even fallen into a frigid river with his life almost devoured by the river beasts. It was at the critical moment that a ray of light lifted him from the river. He was only half conscious at that time and faintly detected someone throwing a book on top of him. When he woke up, he already found himself here...