The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1323

Chapter 1323: Sharing The Same Bed And Pillow (6)

Due to his mother's incident, he had lost his memory. However, he could still barely remember about the book Di Fuyi mentioned. Therefore, as soon as his injuries had recovered, he started studying the book and improved his martial arts.

Luo Zhanyu always thought that it was God who had saved him and he always treated the book as a gift from God. He even suspected that he was a heaven's gift disciple. It was only now that he realized that the person who saved him was Celestial Master Zuo!

Celestial Master Zuo was his savior!

Luo Zhanyu was not angry anymore. "You I heard that Celestial Master Zuo is a ruthless person. Why did you want to save me?"

Di Fuyi raised his eyebrow. "Do I need a reason to save a someone?"

Luo Zhanyu responded, "There might not be a reason if it was other people. However, if that person was you, then you must have a reason."

Di Fuyi thought for a moment and answered, "I have forgotten."

Luo Zhanyu was speechless.

Di Fuyi glanced at him and sighed softly. "Let's not talk about the matter between Xijiu and me. Luo Zhanyu, since I had saved you in the past, shouldn't you repay me with a favor?"

Luo Zhanyu looked at him curiously. "I will never forget that you had saved me. However, I will never use my sister's happiness to repay you. Never threaten me to betray my sister!"

Di Fuyi bit his lower lip. "You are overthinking things. I will settle our issue personally with her, and I don't need you to interfere."

"So, what do you want? How should I repay you?"

Di Fuyi looked at the meal on the table and then looked at him, "Can you bring a bowl of clean water for me to wash my hand and then bring the meal for me? I am hungry."

Luo Zhanyu was speechless but relieved at the same time. "Is that your only request? I never knew that Celestial Master Zuo needed to eat" He always thought that Celestial Master Zuo only needed to absorb the essence from the moon and the sun to survive.

Di Fuyi closed his eyes slightly. "Uh, there are a lot more things that you don't know about me. Can you also bring me a chamber pot?"

Luo Zhanyu was stunned because Celestial Master Zuo had suddenly become so down to earth. He could not accept the fact. He did not speak further but left the room to prepare his requests.

Di Fuyi tried stabilizing his internal power on the bed and gradually restored his physical strength and spiritual power. The operation done by Gu Xijiu was very successful. He could easily restore his spiritual power on his own.

It was inevitable to get injured this time. However, ever since Di Fuyi had entered the eighth peak, he had encountered several accidents, and it had almost cost him his life. Fortunately, he was able to survive the disaster and managed to meet Gu Xijiu here!

As long as he was awake, it was not difficult to recover. Furthermore, he had brought along sufficient medicine with him so that he was able to recover even faster.

When he first woke up, it took him a great effort to hold something. However, he could finally feel some strength in his body after he had rested for a while.

Luo Zhanyu came in with a bowl of water and a chamber pot. He handed him the chamber pot first. "Do you want to settle your "business" first?"

Di Fuyi glanced at the chamber pot and frowned. "Whose chamber pot is this? Don't you have a new one?"

Luo Zhanyu felt like throwing the chamber pot at his face. 'This person was fussy even with a chamber pot.'

He answered with his cold look, "I only have one. It's up to you whether you want to use it or not."

Most of the people who lived here were uncivilized. Usually, they would pee on the spot as long as there were no ladies around them. No one needed to use a chamber pot here. Luo Zhanyu had made his chamber pot himself.

Di Fuyi was very strict on this matter, and so he said, "It's okay, I don't want to use it."