The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1330

Chapter 1330: The Return Of Celestial Master Zuo

Baili Ce was interested in Gu Xijiu, and he was getting rather apparent at showing it. It was his first time saying it out so bluntly today. The others were aware of what was going on. Baili Ce had quite a lot of followers. His followers took the opportunity to make fun of them.

"Be together! Be together!"

"Xijiu, you will not regret being with our leader Baili. He truly cares about you."

"Yes, Xijiu. Though he is still injured, he went to the mountain to fish yesterday. He told us that the fish is very nice there and so he wanted to hunt one for you."

"Xijiu, are you engaged to Celestial Master Zuo? You can still cancel the engagement as long as you are not married yet."

"Celestial Master Zuo is a tricky person. He might not be sincere to you"

All of his followers kept praising Baili Ce while criticizing Di Fuyi at the same time.

After all, everyone here did not like Celestial Master Zuo, but they liked Gu Xijiu a lot. She was their only hope of getting out of this place, so they did not wish to see her be with Di Fuyi. Therefore, they took this opportunity and persuaded Gu Xijiu to stay away from Di Fuyi.

Gu Xijiu frowned. Even if she did not marry Di Fuyi in the future, she did not like people criticizing him!

Besides, she had no interest in Baili Ce. She respected him as a gentleman and could be friends with him. However, there was no way that he was becoming her partner. He was just not her type, and there was no chemistry between them.

She waited for everyone to finish talking before putting down her glass. She took a glance at everyone and asked, "Are you guys done talking?"

She did not look angry, but she had a serious expression on her face. The crowd grew silent as they waited for her to continue speaking.

She said casually, "If you guys are done talking, it's my turn to speak now. Firstly, as I have mentioned before, this is my personal affairs. I don't want anyone to interfere in my personal affairs. Secondly, Baili Ce, I appreciate your feelings for me, but I can firmly tell you that I don't like you. I can be your friend and companion but never your lover. Therefore, regardless of whether I will be with Celestial Master Zuo or not, I will not be with you."

She said it loud and clear. Baili Ce's handsome face slightly blushed, but he did not give up. "Xijiu, when I was injured this time"

"I saved you mainly because you are my companion." Gu Xijiu interrupted him. "I am a doctor. From a doctor's perspective, there is no difference between a male and a female. We are only concerned with the severity of the injury. Besides, I only helped you to heal your arm, but I am unable to help you with your virginity. Are you asking me to be responsible for you?"

She did not want to put Baili Ce into an embarrassing situation, so she tried joking before she finished her sentence. However, her words had come out too blunt, and so everyone was shocked. Suddenly, some of them started laughing out loud. Even Luo Zhanyu shook his head and laughed. "Xijiu, you are too blunt"

Though he sounded like he blamed her, he was looking at her lovingly. He finally gave up the idea of matchmaking Baili Ce with his sister.

Baili Ce was indeed a gentleman. Though Gu Xijiu explicitly rejected him and it was an embarrassing moment for him, he did not hold any grudge against her. Instead, he respected Gu Xijiu even more now.

He knew many ladies, and many of them were quite capable and beautiful. However, there was a common problem among the beautiful ladies he knew. They liked being in an ambiguous relationship with many guys. They would not reject the confession of a guy even if they did not like the person. Sometimes, they even gave the wrong signal, and it made people mistakenly thought that they were also interested in them.