The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1331

Chapter 1331: The Return Of Celestial Master Zuo (2)

This type of girls enjoyed the feeling of being pursued by many guys. They were the kind of ladies that Baili Ce despised the most.

Gu Xijiu was an exceptional woman. She was straightforward when it came to relationship matters. If she did not like the person, she would outrightly reject him. If she could not give the man what he wanted, she would do everything to dismiss him. Though she seemed ruthless, it was best for both parties.

She was always the center of attention, so she did not need to do anything to make herself look attractive.

"Xijiu, are we still friends?" Baili Ce asked with a serious face.

"Of course." Gu Xijiu answered without hesitation. She took up her glass and said, "Let's drink and forget about what had just happened. I will always treat you as a friend."

Baili Ce felt touched. He also took up his glass and toasted with her. "Alright! We are friends forever!"

After the minor incident, everyone went back to eating the meat and drinking. Some of the villagers sang songs while others chatted with each other.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened during the enjoyable moment. As the beasts living inside the mountain would occasionally attack the village, there were always people guarding as sentries to look after the surrounding area of the village. There was no exception for tonight as well.

All the sentries carried out their duties very seriously as the life and death of the village people were at stake. They would quickly blow the whistle to warn the people, and they had never made a mistake before carrying out their duties.

However, something bizarre happened tonight. While everyone was happily drinking, suddenly, there was a wailing sound coming from a baboon on top of the tree. The sound was very mournful as if the baboon's neck had suddenly been grabbed. Everyone shivered when they heard the sound.

Several black shadows appeared from the sky before they could even react, bringing with them a gust of strong wind. Everyone in the village had fought a lot with the beasts living in the mountain, so they had been trained to react quickly to such circumstances. They all jumped up from their seats and held their weapons. Some of them shouted, "Who is it?"

The shadows moved at lightning speed. When they had landed on the ground, they immediately attacked the villagers who had responded slowly.

It took them only a few seconds to grab hold of the villagers. Before the villagers were able to see the black shadows clearly, a few of them had been caught by the shadows and were immediately torn in half!

Blood splashed everywhere, and it even contaminated the liquor that was still warm.

The crowd was in chaos!

It was at this time that one of the black shadows rushed towards Gu Xijiu! They could see the glowing pair of eyes of the shadow underneath the light. It was a pair of cold and sharp green eyes, which intimidated people when they looked into them.

The shadow did not belong to a human but rather a fierce beast!

Its body was full of black hair. Even its face was covered with black hair. Its body size was that of a human. It looked like an ape and a hawk at the same time. There was also a pair of black wings on its back. It was the first time Gu Xijiu saw this kind of creature. However, she had studied about the creatures in this continent before and was used to seeing the pictures and descriptions of some of the fiercest and most powerful spiritual beasts.

She immediately recognized the creature. It was the Black Demon Eagle!

It was a legendary level eight spiritual beast. It was also one of the only ancient evil beasts that could move at lightning speed. It was the size of a human and was entirely covered with black hair. It lived off the power of the sky and the earth, so it possessed the endless strength. The Black Demon Eagle could even split a rhino in half, and it was specialized in wood element spiritual power. The Black Demon Eagle could transform into human form when it had increased its spiritual power to at least level eight. It liked eating hearts belonging to humans so whenever humans encountered the Black Demon Eagle, it was disastrous for them.