The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1346

Chapter 1346: What If He Really Got Drunk?

She had a great sense of music, so even if she was asleep, she could differentiate whether the flute was being played well or not. She could sense that the music which was playing was starting to run out of tune.

The heavy rain awakened her in the middle of the night. She was feeling better when she woke up and was almost sober. She sat on the bed for a while to clear her mind. She looked out through the window to see the rain pouring.

Based on what the villagers told her, it was not easy to get rain in this place. However, she had managed to experience such heavy rain in the short period that she was here.

She suddenly recalled the incidents that had happened before she fell asleep and felt uncomfortable. She listened attentively to the environment outside. She could not hear the flute anymore. All she heard was the sound of the pouring rain.

She laughed at herself. Theoretically, Di Fuyi would never play the flute under a tree in such lousy weather. He would have sought shelter somewhere to shade himself from the rain. He was not a stupid man!

She decided to look for him tomorrow as she wanted to have a proper talk with him. It was his fault too. He had never adequately explained the situation to her when she asked him about the original body. He should not blame her for misunderstanding him. She did not want to be a substitute for another woman. Therefore, she felt that it was not solely her fault.

Anyway, she was pleased since the misunderstanding had been cleared and she knew that she was the only one in his heart. She was willing to put everything aside to be with him. She understood that she had made him look very bad when she ran away from the wedding. It was reasonable that he felt angry with her.

If she was the one who joyfully prepared for the wedding, sent all the wedding invitations, and announced to the world that she was getting married and her groom ran away just because of a misunderstanding, she would be furious at the groom too and thought that the groom did not truly love her. Perhaps, she would even have the idea of killing the groom!

Well, after she considered the situation from Di Fuyi's perspective, she understood how he felt. Nothing was more important than having both parties love each other. Therefore, Gu Xijiu decided to look for him as she wanted to try and make him happy.

Gu Xijiu felt that she was quite considerate at this moment. After running the ideas in her head, she decided to take a rest. However, she was not able to fall asleep and somehow felt nervous when she listened to the pouring rain outside the house. He was in a bad mood when he was drinking earlier. What if he got drunk?

A drunken man tended to fall asleep at the roadside. He could sleep anywhere when he felt like wanted to sleep. What if he got drunk under the tree?

Gu Xijiu could imagine him falling asleep underneath a tree on a rainy night. She was shocked by her imagination and immediately jumped out from bed. She had to go and take a look!

She dressed up and immediately teleported to the big tree. Though the rain had subsided, it was still pouring rather heavily. Gu Xijiu currently possessed a spiritual power of level eight. She just needed to unleash the spiritual protection from her body and the rain would not touch her.

It was late at night. The pouring rain had damaged several lanterns, so it was quite dark underneath the tree. Gu Xijiu quickly circled the tree and saw that Di Fuyi was not there.

She felt relieved, and she patted her forehead. She laughed at herself for being so anxious. Di Fuyi was such a smart guy. How could he possibly let himself fall asleep in the rain? She thought that she was worrying too much. He must have gone somewhere else to hide from the storm. Perhaps, he had fallen into a deep sleep.

Gu Xijiu was not worried about where he would sleep. He was a man who was capable of building a house anywhere. He would never sleep on the open ground.