The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1347

Chapter 1347: I Will Never Get Drunk

The place that he was sleeping now must be much better than hers. Therefore, Gu Xijiu decided to stop searching for him. She thought that she should return and get sleep instead.

When she was about to teleport, she could feel someone gently patting on her shoulder. A weak voice followed. "Are you looking for me?"

The surroundings were dark with only dim, flickering lights. The place was cloudy with patchy drizzle. The voice that emerged out of nowhere made her feel a little spooked.

It seemed entirely like a scenario from a horror movie, so Gu Xijiu was taken by utter surprise. Trembling, her flesh crept. Intuitively, she leaned forward to break free from the hand. She almost hit the person.

Fortunately, her instincts were quick, as the voice was somehow familiar to her. She quickly looked back and was shocked.

Di Fuyi was there, standing behind her. He was thoroughly soaked, like a water spirit that drowned. His hair was all wet and still dripping water. He was in a complete mess. In his hand, he was still holding a bottle of alcohol. He stood watching her, expressionless.

"You You have been here all the time!?" Gu Xijiu finally reacted. She raised her arm and reached out for his hand. His hand was icy cold. She felt as though she was holding an ice stick. Frowningly, she was not pleased and intended to take him away. "Come with me. Let's go back!"

Di Fuyi did not defy her, but he did not follow her either. He was determined. "To my house."

Gu Xijiu did not seem to understand. "Your house? Which house?"

Di Fuyi looked at her. "I have only one place to stay here."

Gu Xijiu finally understood. "Ah? You live there?"

Di Fuyi pinched his lips into a thin line. "Otherwise, where else should I stay?"

Gu Xijiu refused to continue the conversation any further, so she teleported with him right away to his place.

When they arrived, Gu Xijiu could tell that what he said was true, that he really lived there. The beds were unmade. There was a cup of tea on the table left unfinished.

He was completely soaked all over. His body was still dripping water. She could not see him like this, so she had to talk to him. "Can't you just use the cleaning spell to dry yourself?"

Di Fuyi watched her fixedly as if he did not understand a thing she said. Certainly, he did not use the spell. Their eyes met. After a while, Gu Xijiu finally figured it out. Di Fuyi was drunk.

The way that he behaved when he was drunk was different from others. Others would either sleep or misbehave, but he would only stay quiet as if nothing had happened. His manners and behavior would not easily give him away, but as she looked closely, he was slower in response when he was drunk.

She had never seen Celestial Master Zuo behave in such a manner, so she did not know how to feel about him whether to be worried or amazed.

She was still holding his hand. "Are you that drunk? Can't you even use the cleaning spell?"

Di Fuyi looked at her momentarily and then defended himself. "I am not drunk!" Then, he continued, "I will never get drunk when I drink!"

Gu Xijiu was speechless. Why would he allow himself to be soaked in the rain if he was not drunk? He could have easily utilized his spiritual power to shelter himself from the rain.

However, it was normal to deny being drunk when someone was really drunk. Therefore, Gu Xijiu refused to argue with him. Awkwardly, she used the cleaning spell on him. However, her spiritual power was not advanced enough to use the spell to its full extent. At least his hair and his clothes were not soaked anymore, but they were still a little wet. She was not pleased with the result and had to make him change.

While he was away, Di Fuyi thought to himself. 'I am furious, and she should be responsible for it! I should stay away for a while and make her look for me.'

A few moments later, Di Fuyi could not help but feel a little frustrated. 'Why hasn't she come looking for me? I am in my house. She should be able to come here anytime. Why is she not here yet? I am not even hiding. What a frustration!'