The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1349

Chapter 1349: The Proposal In A Tub (2)

Even with a layer of clothes on her, she could tell that his body was boiling. Her heart started beating uncontrollably. She raised her head. "You…"

He approached her immediately and locked his lips onto hers. He kissed her aggressively. On his lips, she could taste his scent, with a mixture of wine aroma. She was utterly lost in his kiss. She missed him so much. Therefore, she did not resist. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him as well.

His kiss was truly enamored, as he locked his lips intimately onto hers, leaving her no chance to breathe. She gladly indulged herself in the intimacy.

No one could tell how much she missed him. She still loved him, even though it was her who broke away from their engagement first. She had to keep herself busy to escape her thoughts of him every day. Instead, the distance made the heart grow fonder. After their separation, she could finally understand how painful it was for her to be away from him.

She had completely fallen for him.

His love left her bereft of reasons, even though she kept telling herself that she should not fall in love and be distracted by the relationship. She truly missed his embrace and had a longing for him. Her admiration for him almost drove her crazy, so much that she would give up all her principles just to be by his side.

Now that she could finally return to him, their misunderstanding was resolved. She was genuinely delighted by the fact that his heart was solely for her. She could no longer feel the negativity that haunted her in their relationship.

He sat himself down on the chair, with her on his lap. Their bodies leaned closely against one another, blending their scents and breaths. His intense kiss was heavenly. She could not help but kissing him even more.

Di Fuyi used to restrain himself well, even though he had been craving for their reunion. He wanted everything to be perfect for their first pleasant 'alliance'. He wanted to make love to her for the first time in the best environment and in his best form. Therefore, he attached great importance to the matter. So important that he resisted himself from rushing into it. He was waiting for that one perfect moment.

Now that he was drunk, his instincts had clouded his reason. The lady in his arms was the one he cared about the most. She was so unforgettable and yet frustrating. Now that he had her in his arms, he could feel her warm and gentle skin. Hot blood rushed into his brain as he eagerly raised his head.

Kisses were not enough to satisfy him. He planted his kiss on her tender neck, then to her shoulder and finally traced down along her body. 

He pulled open her clothes. His wet hair and his hot kiss fell onto her skin. She trembled at the slight chill of his damp hair, and her senses had finally recovered.

He was still drunk and wet. What she should do now was to change his clothes and dry him up. Moreover, the tea stained her clothes, too. 

She quickly pushed him away and tried to free herself from his arms. Instead, he seized the moment and pulled her even closer, so she could not possibly escape. While she was momentarily lost in his embrace, his lips were already kissing her breasts, which were the most sensitive part of her body.

No one had ever touched her on that particular spot. She could no longer suppress her deep desire. 

"Baby, I want you," he spoke softly in her ear with a hoarse whisper.

Gu Xijiu's face was completely reddened.