The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1350

Chapter 1350: The Proposal In A Tub (3)

Gu Xijiucould already feel his sexual desires stemming from his lower body. Her heart was thumping so hard it could almost burst out of her chest. She did not oppose the idea of making love with him. However, it was definitely not under the given circumstance, where both of them were in a mess.

Abruptly, she pushed him away as hard as she could. Di Fuyi was not aware of it, as he was deeply absorbedat the moment. She finally freed herself from his embrace and took a large leap away from him.

Lost, Di Fuyi sat and stared blankly at her. A sign of pain emerged in his eyes. "You You are still unwilling?"

Gu Xijiu answered, "First Let me dry your hair and get you cleaned up." Although she tried her hardest to keep calm, her voice still trembled at each word.

Gu Xijiu had some pills with her that could cure hangovers. She slipped the pill into his mouth when they were kissing. He trusted her completely, so he swallowed it without hesitating, even though he did not know what it was that she had given to him.

The pill would only be effective 15 minutes after it had been administered, so Gu Xijiu did not expect him to sober up right away. He must have got himself soaked in the rain the entire night. Gu Xijiu was concerned that he might fall sick, so it would be better if he could get a hot shower to warm up his body.

After thoughtful consideration, Gu Xijiu teleported away to get the water ready for him in a tub. At least she had a bathtub in her house, while he had basically nothing in his, except for a table and a bed.

She returned to her place and brought out the bathtub. After getting the water in the tub, she placed her palms on the side of the tub and started warming up the water by utilizing her fire spiritual power. Not long after, the water was warm enough for a nice shower.

Gu Xijiu tested the temperature of the water and realized that it was perfect for a bath. She wanted to carry the tub back to his place but just when she turned around, she realized that he was standing right behind her. He watched silently, with his arms crossed.

Gu Xijiu was utterly surprised to see him. He came and went swiftly like a ghost. She put the tub down and slowly tapped her chest as a sign of comfort. "You scared me! What are you doing here?"

Di Fuyi walked towards her and asked, "What is this for?"

"I prepared this for you. You have been in the rain the whole night, and you are still soaking wet. You might catch a cold. You should get a hot bath to drive out the chill."

At this moment, she realized that Di Fuyi was standing in clean and neat clothes. His hair was smooth and shiny. There was not a sign of mess.

Gu Xijiu looked at him with angry eyes. "I clearly remember that I had stripped you off completely."

There was a twinkle in Di Fuyi's eyes, and a white light could be seen shimmering from the tip of his finger. Suddenly, all his clothes disappeared, leaving only his pants. Nonchalantly, he fixed his eyes on her. "Like this?"

Under the light, his toned body looked as solid as jade, with broad shoulders and a tight waist. His skin was finely textured with a good proportion of flat and firm abs. He looked mighty fine and definitely pleasing. His body was indeed a sight for sore eyes.

Gu Xijiu was too earlier to pay much attention to his body. Now that he was standing in front of her half-naked, his physical beauty had utterly captivated her. With his eyes fixed on her, he stood lazily with a half smile, trying to charm her visual senses to the utmost.

Gu Xijiu was astonished.

Di Fuyi looked down at her bathtub. It was of a decent size and was made by carving a hole out of amassive tree. It looked very raw and natural.

He sighed. "The tub is too small and the design is ugly."

Intuitively, she answered, "It is not that small. It is sufficient for one person. It is good enough to have a tub like this, given our current living conditions."