The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1354

Chapter 1354: A Night Of Joy Was Always Too Short, That Was How Di Fuyi Felt

Unimpressed, Gu Xijiu pinched her lips into a line and spoke, "I want the previous one!"

Di Fuyi sighed. "I did not take it with me. Isn't this one much better?"

Gu Xijiu was unusually stubborn. "I don't care. I insist on the last one! I liked it!"

Di Fuyi did not know what to say as he realized that she was especially nostalgic. She always preferred the original things she had, like her body, her bracelet, and even the Firmament Stone.

He thought about it for a while and before he answered, Gu Xijiu suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck and took the first move to kiss him on his lips. "Can you at least give it back to me later? I really want it."

She rarely showed that kind of affection toward him. She looked like a little child asking for candies. Di Fuyi answered delightfully, "I will give it to you when we leave this place."

That sounded just right, so Gu Xijiu was relieved. However, she was still worried that he might go against his words. "You will not go back on your words!?"

"Of course!"

He took a look at the new ring on her finger. "Do you really not like it?"

Gu Xijiu took out her hand and looked at the ring closely. The ring was a beautiful one. It had the shape of a blossoming flower that was placed right in the middle. It was created with unprecedented brilliance and allowed her to show off her porcelain skin.

"It is not bad. I will keep it as a replacement." Gu Xijiu was fond of it, so she did not wish to return it to him.

"Gold digger!" Di Fuyi could not hold back his amusement. He quickly placed his ring on her palm. "Come, put it on for me."

Gu Xijiu placed the ring on his finger. Both rings shimmered brilliantly under the light. Their interaction was rather harmonious, but Gu Xijiu felt a little odd. Immediately after she wore the ring, she could feel a sense of security and excitement. Her heart started popping buoyantly like bubbles.

She looked up and said, "Celestial Master Zuo."

Di Fuyi answered, "Call me as your dearest Tu."

Gu Xijiu was shocked. "Ah?"

"Call me as your dearest Tu!"

Gu Xijiu could feel her skin creeping. She refused. "No! It is disgusting!"

Di Fuyi placed his hand on her shoulder and looked at her in all seriousness. "I am now your husband. How can you call me Celestial Master Zuo? It doesn't make sense. It is fine for others to call me that, but not you. It sounds odd."

"Should I call you Fuyi, instead?"

"Baby, my real name is Huang Tu."

Gu Xijiu found it a little tricky. "If I call you 'Huang Tu' in front of others, they will know that you are The Lord."

"Therefore, it is best that you refer to me as dearest Tu. Come, let me hear it. Didn't you address Mo Zhao in such a way before?"

Gu Xijiu finally understood his intentions. He was jealous that she addressed someone else in such an intimate way. 

"My mind was in a whirl before. Mo Zhao tricked me into it. Honestly, calling you like that reminds me of him."

That was true. Di Fuyi did not insist on it anymore, so he suggested, "Then, call me as your husband."

Husband sounded like a very particular way of addressing someone. Gu Xijiu's heart started beating wildly again. "I still feel like I should not address you so directly. After all, we are not married yet."

Di Fuyi continued, "If you did not escape from our wedding, we would already be husband and wife by now."

Gu Xijiu remained silent as she was reminded of the incomplete wedding. She also thought about the dream in their bridechamber and felt a little regretful.

Di Fuyi watched her as she grew a little dejected. "Do you feel sorry for it? Hmm?"

Gu Xijiu was immediately triggered. "I do not feel sorry for it! It was you who did not make things clear. You have no idea how hurtful it was to have heard what the siblings said." Her voice became weaker as she went on, for the wrongs that she had suffered. "I was truly sad back then."

The days were not easy for her, either. She just chose not to express it. She could never have thought that such an odd coincidence would cancel the wedding. She honestly wanted it. Hence, she also had to suffer the loss of it.

She was overwhelmed by all the unpleasant incidents that had happened, as tears started rolling down her eyes. "Do you still think that I am wrong? I…"

She no longer wished to stay in his arms and wanted to leave. Di Fuyi would not let her go so easily. He held onto her waist tightly as he spoke, "Xijiu, that was my fault. I will make it up to you by having another wedding once we leave this place. I will tell the entire world that you are my lawful bride."

Gu Xijiu decided to stop writhing around. She leaned on his chest and said dispiritedly. "I still want the same bridechamber. I haven't seen the bridechamber that you decorated."

Di Fuyi sighed. "You have seen it. Did you forget that you came to the chamber and started losing your temper at me? If I had not seen you in the chamber, I would not have found you here."

Puzzled, Gu Xijiu looked at him in disbelief. "I thought it was only a dream!"

Di Fuyi caressed her hair gently. "You thought about me, so you went looking for me even in your dreams." It was real.

Gu Xijiu thought about the splendidly decorated bridechamber. She liked every single detail of it.

"Have you made changes to the bridechamber? I quite like it."

"I have dismantled it," Di Fuyi answered briefly.

Gu Xijiu was disappointed. "How could you?"

"My bride ran away; there went my bridechamber."

Gu Xijiu was triggered. "So you planned to cancel the marriage?"

Her words sounded a little irrational. However, especially when they get into arguments. Gu Xijiu was no exception.

Di Fuyi hugged her tightly. "I will still marry you! If I really did not want to marry you, I would not have risked my life to be here."

While he spoke, he raised his hands and promptly took off her clothes. Her wet clothes slipped down from her shoulders, revealing her elegant neck, her delicate collarbone, her smooth shoulders and lastly, her exquisite breasts. Before she could react, she was already without her clothes.

Their skins touched, leaving no gap in between. They could even feel each other's breaths. Only lovers would be comfortable to share this type of intimacy.

Both of them started to feel hot as silence crept into the room. Gu Xijiu's already racing heart pumped faster, as she could feel his erection. Di Fuyi leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "Baby, I cannot hold back any longer. Make love to me tonight, will you? I want you."

She could feel the warmth of his every breath. Her ears were reddened, as though she had just tasted something extra hot.

He sounded like he was very determined, so she dared not look up. She was not her usual self, who was bold and forthright. At this very moment, she was just like any other girl, shy and embarrassed. She was really anxious about it. "My place… My place is not well furnished. Will you… Will you be able to accept it?"

Her house was quite spacious, but there were not many pieces of furniture, only some must-haves. It was not good enough to be used as a bridechamber. Di Fuyi always wanted the best of everything. Would he accept such an environment?

Gu Xijiu felt a little disappointed. If she knew it earlier, she would have tidied up the room a little. It did not seem quite like a room for a lady right now.

Di Fuyi looked on as Gu Xijiu's ears grew redder. "There is heaven wherever you are."

She could not handle his sweet talk. He would not usually express his love in such a flattering way, but when he did, she found herself completely lost in it.

Gu Xijiu's excitement grew, as her heart exclaimed with delight. With an arm around her, Di Fuyi took out a blue-jade wine pot with two glasses. He filled the glasses as he spoke. "Baby, drink this wine."

Gu Xijiu raised her head and took the glass reluctantly. Her face was flushed as she was still a little overwhelmed. At the moment, she could not tell right away what kind of wine it was. Instead, she answered him absentmindedly, "Do you want to drink some more?"

"This wine is different. You are going to like it." Di Fuyi's deep voice was very seductive. It caused a whirl in her heart. 

Gu Xijiu looked at her glass of wine. It appeared to be pink, just like peach blossom petals. It had some refreshing scent that reminded her of something. "Is this… the Snow Plum Wine?"

It looked no different than the one she saw Di Fuyi drinking in the bridal chamber.

"Looks like you remember it quite well," said Di Fuyi.

She would definitely remember the wine, as its special after effect was meant for a special occasion. She was really wishing that she did not run away. 

"I am surprised that you have it with you now." Gu Xijiu sniffed the scent of the wine. 

"Of course I do," answered Di Fuyi.

When he came here, he was well prepared to have their first night spent here. It was the first time for both of them. Although he was well informed on that sort of activity, he did not have any actual experience either. He was concerned that he might hurt her and thus leave behind a bad impression. He did not want her to be reluctant for it in the future, so he had to give her the best experience. The wine was a must. 

"Come, let's toast." Di Fuyi raised his glass.

Gu Xijiu did not hesitate, even though she was still blushing. She raised her glass as well, but could not hide her amusement. "Others toast at the table. We toast in a tub instead."

Di Fuyi watched as her face blushed even more. He really wanted to make love to her in the water. However, the night was still young, so he should not be too eager. He suppressed his eagerness and carried her in his arms as he stood up. He moved swiftly away from the tub.

Gu Xijiu was surprised that they were leaving the bathtub so quickly. However, she managed to hold the glass firmly in her hand and did not spill any of the precious wine.

"Baby, I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes." Di Fuyi was whispering so close that he almost bit her ear.

More surprises?

Gu Xijiu closed her eyes as told, but she could tell that he moved a little. She reckoned that they were now standing outside of the curtains.

"Come, open your eyes."

She opened her eyes slowly and was immediately astonished. In an instant, her messy room was entirely remade.

The room was full of intense red. There were additional pieces of simple furniture. There was a folding screen, painted with lively essences of nature, with beautiful mountains and rivers. The red carpet was as soft as a red fluffy cloud. She spotted the luminous night pearl as well, shimmering brightly within the shell of a mussel. 

The bed was all red, and she could not wait to lie on top of the jade frame that was carved with delicate patterns of clouds. Everything was familiar to Gu Xijiu. She had seen them all in the bridechamber that she dreamed about.

He had dismantled everything that was initially placed in the bridechamber and put them all in his storage bag. He brought them along with him and redecorated Gu Xijiu's messy house completely with every detail. The view in her ordinary room was instantly upgraded to another level.

Di Fuyi walked towards the bed with Gu Xijiu in his arms.

Gu Xijiu seemed rather flustered but was still holding the glass of wine. "Hey, we haven't drunk it yet."

"Save it for later." Di Fuyi then took the glass away.

Gu Xijiu was placed on the comfortable bed. She sat on the sheets naked, without a single piece of clothing to cover her body. She did not feel quite right about it, so she immediately pulled the sheets over to cover herself. 

Di Fuyi stopped her. "Wait."

Gu Xijiu looked up to meet his eyes. Before she could find the right words to say, she was surprised at what she saw.

Di Fuyi, who should be naked right now, was already standing with proper clothes. He was wearing his wedding robe, the exact one she saw in the bridechamber.

The red robe fitted him perfectly, accentuating his delicate look. His eyes captured hers, and she could not look away. She could not believe that he had brought his wedding robe along.

Gu Xijiu looked down and was immediately overwhelmed by instant regret. It was such a shame that she did not have her wedding dress with her right now. Her dress was prepared by Di Fuyi himself. She brought it along with her when she returned to the general's residence but did not take the dress with her when she left. It was still on her bed. 

"Xijiu, I have always wanted to see you in your wedding dress. Can you show me?"

Di Fuyi snapped his fingers, and a well-folded wedding dress immediately presented itself in front of her. He then placed it right by her side.

Gu Xijiu was excited to see her wedding dress. She could recognize it almost instantly. Di Fuyi had carefully thought about everything that he might need.

She had tried on the dress a few times before and was delighted as she saw herself spinning left and right in front of the mirror. She could not help but look forward to the wedding.

The dress was different from that of a modern dress, which was only made to emphasize one's wealth and not the bride. This dress was made entirely with mermaid scales so that it would fit the bride's body shape perfectly. Her waist appeared to be firmer when she wore it, and she looked fabulous and beautiful.

She did not feel like taking it off the first time she wore it, and when she finally put it down before she left, she thought that she would never get the chance to wear it again. Never had she imagined that she would be wearing it again on this day. 

Gu Xijiu was overwhelmed with excitement. She reached out to the dress but was stopped by Di Fuyi. "Let me." 

Gu Xijiu let him wear it for her, from the innerwear and tube bra to the inner and outer dresses. He did not use any spells; he did it himself. Gu Xijiu simply closed her eyes and let him have his way. Tonight, she was his bride.

When he was done, he took two steps backward to measure the way she looked. She did cut her hair before. However, when she knew that she had to live in this body, she decided to keep her hair again. With a normal growth rate, her hair would not be able to grow so much in just a few months. However, she knew how to use a spell to speed it up.

Although her hair was not long enough yet, at least it was at her waist level now. He curled her hair up and secured it with a hairpin that was carved into the shape of a phoenix and decorated with a pearl. The tassels dangled loosely under the light, forming a fine silhouette as the light flickered through the gaps.

Her face was glowing vividly like morning rays and her lips were moist, and plump. The look in her eyes was enchanted with unusual luminosity. Gu Xijiu quickly spun around with a swish of her red wedding dress.

She had always been very beautiful, even more so when she was wearing the dress. She would not usually wear red, but when she did, she looked absolutely stunning!

Di Fuyi's eyes darkened as he quietly watched her. She was already wearing her shoes, but he insisted on carrying her. He leaned forward and kissed her lips. "Baby, you are the most beautiful bride ever."

Gu Xijiu wrapped her arms around his neck and was immediately carried away. She felt weightless, as though stepping on clouds. Suddenly, tears started rolling in her eyes. She never knew that she could be this happy. She never thought that she would... That she would not be alone from this moment onward. He would be by her side, forever.

Life in this world was a precarious one, as though fluttering in a raging storm. Now, he would be there to keep the storm away. When she was worn to a frazzle, he would be there to comfort her. His arms finally felt like her personal haven. It felt so good to have someone who she could count on.

Even the strongest woman had a vulnerable side. She would only show her weakness in front of the person she loved. She wanted to be affectionate for him. She wanted to stay in his arms. She had never come across such complicated feelings in her life. Since they love each others, both of them were now able to fight alongside one another and conquer the world together. 

Gu Xijiu thought that she was not a romantic person, as she had always been very practical in everything she did or thought. She never imagined that she was able to feel like she was in heaven when she spent time with someone. It was only because she had not met him yet. Now, she would be absolutely satisfied staying in his arms. 

She raised her head and planted a kiss on his chin. It was not enough, so she kissed him again. "Little Yi Yi, I like you."

Di Fuyi was taken by surprise. He met her eyes and asked, "Little Yi Yi?"

Gu Xijiu was still holding onto his neck. Satisfied, she broke into a cheerful smile. "I have just come up with that name. Do you like it?"

Di Fuyi was greatly pleased. "I like it!" As long as she did not call him in any way that would make him sound like an old man, he was fine.

He put her down on the table and gave her back the glass of wine. "Come, let us have our cross-cupped wine."

At this point, Gu Xijiu felt very relaxed. She did it as told. First, she took it and cheers with him. Then, they crossed their arms and leaned their foreheads on one another. She whispered, "I hope we embrace the real joy in this part of our special day, not only today but for many years to come." 

Di Fuyi was amused. "Silly, are you going to be a bride every day?"

Gu Xijiu stared at him. "I want you to pamper me every day like the way you did today. Will you?"

"Sure!" Di Fuyi kissed her back on her pouty red lips. "I will definitely pamper my bride."

Gu Xijiu was happy. She then drank her glass of wine.

The wine had a faint scent of snow plum. While the first taste of it was tender, it was peppered with a little poignant scent. The wine soothed her throat, and she was overcome with a nice, warm feeling inside of her. It was such a good drink.

Gu Xijiu looked at the wine pot fixedly. She asked, "Let us have another glass, shall we? We should have another toast."

Di Fuyi reached out to the wine pot and kept it away. Gently, he knocked on her temple to remind her. "Too much of it is not good for you and your health."

Gu Xijiu thought about it and decided to settle for less. "What about having a little glass of wine every night?"

Di Fuyi leaned forward to get closer to her. "Baby, this wine is brewed especially for lovers. Lovers drink it before they make love to one another. Are you asking me to make love to you every night?"

Gu Xijiu's face was immediately flushed again. She pushed his face away. "Then, I don't want it."

Di Fuyi laughed out loud. He carried her back in his arms again. "Baby, each romantic moment like tonight is very precious. Let us begin."

They took off their clothes, one by one, gradually. They kissed so intensely and their passion filled the air. Gu Xijiu was lying on top of the red sheets with Di Fuyi on top of her, revealing her exquisite body as he took away her dresses slowly.

He kissed her everywhere. His fingers lingered on every inch of her skin, making her blood boil with immense desire. They panted desperately, gasping for air. Finally, both of them were completely naked.

Most lovers would go through the same night at some point in their lives. He was no slouch when it came to lovemaking, as he slowly aroused her. She responded with eager enjoyment, like an ivy entwining a column.

He went from absolutely rusty about it to completely skillful. He aroused her erotically, wakening the blooming lust in her. Her blood boiled with more desire, feeling so high as though she was floating in the clouds. She was craving so badly for their reunion, so much that she wished she was able to wrap herself around him violently like a tendril. She wanted to cling to him in fierce desire.

During the intercourse, she could still feel a slight pain, but it was bearable. She was, after all, a virgin. Di Fuyi could not tell for certain how the effect of the wine would play out. Moreover, his body was not ordinary. He was concerned that she would not be able to endure the pain.

He made love to her, slowly. He took away her breaths, as she was overwhelmed with extreme satisfaction. Finally, he no longer had to hold back his longing for her, much like the 'Unbridled' horse that ran to victory. His male instinct sent his blood pulsing through his veins.

Gu Xijiu started crying, but it was not because of the pain. She was an assassin, who would risk her life for her mission. Getting herself injured was no big deal, so she could deal with pain easily. She would not say a word even in serious cases like getting her bones broken, let alone for a slight pain like this. The wine was effective. The pain was greatly reduced, almost negligible the moment he took her virginity.

She was crying because she was truly happy, so happy that it seemed surreal. She would usually cry when she was truly happy. She chose not to express herself at the moment. Instead, she raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck. She leaned forward and kissed him on his chin as she whispered, "It is not painful."

It was not because of the pain, it was because of her genuine joy. It was a night filled with climaxes as they drifted along. He made her orgasm countless of times. She felt as though she was on a cloud all night long. 

Di Fuyi was a man of great physical strength. Moreover, their first night meant so much to him, as they could finally have each other. He did not hold back his desire.

A night of joy was always too short, that was how Di Fuyi felt.

When the sky was suffused with the pale light of dawn, he finally let her go, even though he was still yearning for more. She was thoroughly exhausted and fell asleep before he could clean her up.

When Gu Xijiu finally woke up, it was already in the afternoon. Oddly, there were so many things waiting to be done in the village, so people were unusually busy. However, not a single one of the villagers came to interrupt them.

The red room basked in the sunlight that shined through the window. Di Fuyi was not in the room. Gu Xijiu rose, and the sheets fell smoothly away from her body, thus revealing her nightdress. The silky smooth nightdress fitted her perfectly. She was snug in it. Without a doubt, it was him who wore it for her.

She woke up and stretched herself lazily. Strangely, she did not feel very tired even after a night long of exhaustion. She awoke feeling rested and quite refreshed. She threw back the sheets and scrambled out of bed but hesitated a little when she stood.