The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1356

Chapter 1356: You Were Meant To Be Mine

She paused for a moment and was still wondering. "You said that the reason why the energy had leaked out so much was that the mussel had cut off two of the tree's roots. Didn't you practice nearby the roots? The mussel said that it saw you cut off several roots as well..."

"What the mussel had cut off was the veins of the tree of the God. What I had cut off were some unnecessary bifurcations. The consequences are different."

Was there even such a thing!

"I think it's better for us to heal the roots that had been cut off by the mussel. I fear that it would attract many level eight beasts to the area..."

Once, three black eagles had been attracted by it, and almost all the folks who were living here were annihilated. They could not imagine what would happen afterward if they did not quickly solve this matter.

"Rest assured. I've healed it completely. I had been working on healing the roots these past few days while I was practicing near them. Otherwise, there might have been more level eight beasts that had shown up the other day other than the three black eagles."

'So, that was the reason why he had disappeared. He had gone to clean up another one of my messes again.'

She felt guilty and confessed, "If I knew about this earlier, I would not have run away into the Dark Forest."

"This is fate." Di Fuyi replied and pulled her into his arms. "Anyway, we have found each other again. Everything else does not matter at this moment."

There were certain times where he had gone against fate, so he did not blame her. Gu Xijiu finally remembered a critical matter and said to him, "Oh yea, do you remember seeing a golden sentence on a big tree?" She then told him everything that she knew about the matter of "nine-nine-to-one".

Di Fuyi was silent for a moment before he embraced her waist and replied, "Show me!"


The words in big font were still on the banana milk tree. The words were eye-catching as they were colorful and even changed color from time to time. Strangely, the baboons dared not walk near to the words.

Di Fuyi studied the four characters for a while. Suddenly, his palm unleashed a seven-colored ray that shrouded the four characters. After a while, he removed his hand and the four words faded away.

He looked at his hand and paid attention to the lines that were on it. Gu Xijiu also came over to observe his palm. However, she felt dizzy after looking at it. The words were odd as they were made up of many small words. Di Fuyi lifted his arms to support her and covered her eyes with a sleeve. "You are too weak to witness this now. It will hurt you. I'll show you again when you're ready for it."

Gu Xijiu responded to him. "Is this also fate? We have no clue what this message means even though we have been investigating for a while. It seemed like it is only meant for you. If you had not entered this place, I suppose the four words would not have been any use."

"Not necessarily. You will be able to witness it when your spiritual power goes up to level nine." His appearance was only a coincidence. It was never his fate to arrive here in the first place.

"You only need to have a spiritual power of level nine? My brother had studied the four words for many days. Why did he not see anything?"

Di Fuyi replied, "It is because he is dumb, but you are smart. You are unique."

Well, in his eyes there was only Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu accepted his praise and continued asking him, "What did those small words mean in the end? Was it a hint of how can we get out of this place?"

Di Fuyi teased her and replied, "This set of texts is very obscure. I would need some time to study them first. However, I think that there is a possibility that you might be right. "Nine-nine-to-one" is a sign that you are mine... It proves that you and I are a perfect match."