The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 136

Chapter 136: It Was Possible

The Emperor waved his hand towards the doctor to go over.

Gu Tianqing was scared and pale. Subconsciously, she stepped back but got stopped by Gu Xietian.

Gu Xietians had a serious look on her face and was furious. He asked coldly, "Why are you scared if you are innocent?"

When the doctor's finger was going to touch Gu Tianqing's vein, her face was pale like a dead man. She kneeled on the ground and begged, "You don't have to check I am indeed pregnant"

Gu Xietians whole body was shaking with anger. He raised his hand and gave her a slap, "You are such a slut! Whose baby is that?! Does it really belong to twelfth prince?!"

Gu Tianqing trembled and did not answer.

King Lu sneered at the side, "It does belongs to the twelfth prince indeed. If General Gu does not believe it, you can check the necklace on your daughters neck. This necklace was bought by the twelfth price with a very hefty fee. Their names are engraved on the necklace. You will know once you have a closer look at it."

Gu Xietian roughly ripped off the necklace on Gu Tianqing and took a look at it under the light. He saw both their names on the crystals next to each other.

At this time he no longer had doubts. His eyes were red and kicked Gu Tianqing, "Slut! He is your future brother-in-law. How can you do such a shameless thing? You not only have an affair with him but still tried to trap your sister! You have disgraced the image of the General's family!"

He kicked Gu Tianqing until she rolled for two rounds on the floor and almost vomited blood

Fortunately, when Gu Xietian kicked her, Gu Tianchao who was next to him attempted to stop him, or else she would have been kicked down the stairs.

At this moment, apparently, it was impossible to hide the affair between Gu Tianqing and Rong Yan anymore.

Rong Yan decided to admit his faults. He kneeled down and bowed, "My Emperor Father, I am indeed reckless to have an affair with Gu Tianqing, while trying to trap Gu Xijiu into going to Count Le Huas house, as I really dislike her. However, I really didnt kill him, neither did I ask any assassin to kill him. I am being accused wrongly!"

King Lu was furious, "Nonsense! If it wasn't you, who else would have killed my son?! My son was dead on the day when you led Miss Gu to his house! There is no such coincidence. Are you trying to say that Miss Gu did go to his house that day? And my son was killed by Miss Gu?!"

Rong Yan was speechless, however, in order to protect himself, he had to say, "It was possible"

The Emperor smacked the table, "Nonsense! Miss Gu has no spiritual power at all! How could she have killed Rong Yi? Even if she wanted to kill him, she had no abilities to do that!"

Rong Yi tried hard, "But she knows how to cure and knows how to break the spells perhaps she killed Rong Yi by using her medical skills or by casting a spell"

The Emperor looked at Tian Jiyue, "Master You, what do you think?"

Tian Jiyue said calmly, "How did Rong Yi die?"

The person in charge of Dali Temple answered, "Your Majesty, according to the autopsy by the coroner, Count Le Hua was killed by a green jade hairpin which pierced through his throat directly. There was no other injury on his body and he was also not being poisoned to death.

Besides, two other guards and two maids were killed in the garden by the same method. The way the murderer killed them was fast, efficient, but very cruel. It seemed like it was done by a very experience assassin."

Tian Jiyue looked at Gu Xijiu and asked the Emperor, "Does Miss Gu look like an experienced murderer to you?"