The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 138

Chapter 138: A Desperate Rabbit Would Kill People

Rong Yan was having a hard time cracking this, but he was not able to figure anything out at all.

The Emperor had to act with just, in front of the crowd, thus, he ordered to sentence Rong Yan and Gu Tianqing to prison first, before passing his judgment on the accusation, after

the investigation.

After all, Rong Yan was just a teenager. Although he grew up in the palace, he was no threat to anyone at all, so even if there were people who looked down on him, there was no one who wanted to trap him, because he was not worth the trouble.

Therefore, he had no experience in dealing with trouble. He was already in a state of panic when he knew that he had to bear with the accusations but he could not do anything to prove his innocence.

He was not brave enough too. So, when the guards came to bring him to prison, he could barely stand up and was dragged out from the hall.

In contrast, Gu Tianqing was tougher. Although she was scared, she could still stand up and claim, "Your Majesty, I really did not kill Count Le Hua. I do not know anything. Your Majesty, please investigate the truth behind the case and prove our innocence"

Her voice was sharp and had lost all femininity. She was totally embarrassed!

But no one would listen to her; no one would believe her. Even her father who loved her the most also turned away just like that, and ignored her.

She was full of despair. When she was dragged to the stairs, she stared at Gu Xijiu and suddenly went crazy. She shouted, "It must be her! It was all done by her! She is not Gu Xijiu! Everything is not right. She must be possessed by the devil to trap me! She is usually so weak and does not even dare to speak up when being bullied. Now she is a completely different person She is not herself anymore! She is a devil"

She could not complete her sentence as her acupuncture point was blocked by the guards who escorted her before being dragged out from the hall right away.

At first, it was a happy event when Gu Xijiu defeated the Tianwen Saint and the Emperor wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate, but as it led to such trouble, he had no mood to do so anymore.

The noise Gu Tianqing made did not seem to cause any stress to him. He did not ask Gu Xijiu about anything but still comforted her for a while. After he talked to the few ministers briefly, he went back to his palace.


Gu Xijiu went back home with Gu Xietian in the same chariot. On the way back, Gu Xietian was filled with emotions and he tried to talk to Gu Xijiu and retold some of her childhood memories.

However, since there was only minimal contact between him and his daughter, the moments that could be recalled were very few.

Anyhow, there were still two or three moments that only he and the daughter would know. Gu Xietian intentionally directed the conversation to those moments.

Gu Xijiu sneered in her heart. It seemed like Gu Xietian had suspected her, as he wouldn't have tried to test her this way if he did not.

Fortunately, she possessed the memory from the original owner. Although the original owner was weak, she had a very good memory. Gu Xijiu could then answer all the questions with ease.

When she finished answering, she held her arm and looked at Gu Xietian, "Is General Gu suspecting me?"

Gu Xietian was a little embarrassed. He answered with a sigh, "Xijiu, you really changed so much..."

Gu Xijiu answered lightly, "Have you ever hear of this idiom which goes along the lines of how a desperate rabbit would also kill people?" At this moment the chariot had arrived front of the house, Gu Xijiu finished her sentence and simply jumped out to leave the carriage.

Gu Xietian regretted and lightly slapped his forehead. What was wrong with him? How could he suspect his own daughter?

This girl was merely forced to reveal her true character.