The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1385

Chapter 1385: Cleaned Up

Gu Xijiu was quick in her actions. Di Fuyi caught hold of her just as she was about to teleport away. "We should not separate this time around. Let's move together."

In fact, she did not want to be separated from Di Fuyi too. However, he was The Lord after all, and Gu Xijiu understood that he had a lot of followers throughout the world. He had a lot of secret agents working for him. Moreover, he had always been a mysterious person, and so there must be a lot of things that he could not merely tell others. There were many things that Gu Xijiu did not know about him. However, since he did not want to share it with her, she decided not to ask him too. She was worried that she would only bring trouble for him if she stayed together with him.

However, she never expected that Di Fuyi would invite her to go together this time. Was he planning to expose all of his secrets to her? The foremost task was to find out information about the fake Celestial Master Zuo.

In this continent, the best place to seek for information was to go to the Anying Association. The owner of the Anying Association was Li Mengxia.

The fake Celestial Master Zuo had successfully disguised himself for two years and was never identified. It proved that the four messengers had definitely met with some accidents, or maybe they were being imprisoned or manipulated in some way.

Li Mengxia was directly under Di Fuyi, and so she usually did not follow the instructions of the four messengers. Therefore, Di Fuyi decided to look for her first.

He took Gu Xijiu directly to the headquarters of the Anying Hall.

The headquarters was not too far away from the Dark Forest. Based on the speed of both Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu, they would probably reach within two hours.

The Anying Hall was the most famous news distributor in the continent. All the secret agents on the continent came from the Anying Hall. No information could be hidden from the Anying Association. In the past when Gu Xijiu went missing, Di Fuyi had used all of the secret agents that were connected to Anying Hall to look for her. If she did not enter the Dark Forest, she would have been found by the undercover agents regardless of where she went.

The Anying Association had many branches everywhere around the continent. They accepted businesses from all the kingdoms that were on the continent. They specialized in providing service related to assassination and retrieving information. These were also their most important source of income.

The Anying Association was also the most mysterious underground organization. Other than the four messengers, no one knew that the boss of the Anying Hall was Celestial Master Zuo.

Only one true master was overseeing the Anying Association, and the other ten heads of branches knew about it.

Gu Xijiu had met the master of the Anying Association before. During their escape from the underground palace, it was Li Mengxia who drove the boat to pick them up at the underground palace together with Di Fuyi.

Di Fuyi had a particular way to contact Li Mengxia whereby Li Mengxia also had a jade tablet so that she would be able to contact him directly.

Di Fuyi had tried contacting her through the jade tablet when they were at the restaurant. It was the same as the four messengers. He had failed to contact her, so he decided to show up at the headquarters himself.

Li Mengxia always stayed at the headquarters to manage the business. If there were no exceptional circumstance, she would not travel far away from the headquarters.


Di Fuyi stood at the opposite side of the street and looked at the signboard with two shining blocks on it Anying Association. He was stunned for a second.

Anying Hall had been a very mysterious organization so only a few people would know the location of their headquarters. Now, a great large plaque was hanging on the door, and it was even inlaid with gems. It looked very eye-catching when it shined under the light.

Gu Xijiu looked at the plaque and concluded. "This is a new plaque, and it should have been hung about three months ago."

Di Fuyi nodded and smiled. "It seems like the Anying Association had become very rich. Let's go. We can give them some money."

The price of the mission had been clearly stated in the Anying Association. A business which was worth 10,000 silver ingots would be handled personally by the elder of the branch.