The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Something Was Wrong With Gu Xijiu!

After all, her mother was also someone who was very sharp and smart - certainly not someone who gets bullied

How could he suspect that she was possessed by the devil?

It seemed like he was affected by Gu Tianqing.

When he thought of Gu Tianqing, he got angry again. Gu Tianchao, who was beside him, was trying to ask him to help his sister, but was immediately scolded, "Dont expect me to help her because she has done so many inappropriate things! Let her die in the prison!" before walking away.

The General's family had also received the bad news. Leng Xiangyu had panicked and lost her mind.

When she saw that Gu Xietian was back, she immediately cried and kneeled in front of him, begging for his help to save her daughter.

Gu Xietian was still in anger. He kicked her with his foot and scolded, "This is the daughter that you have brought up! How can a mother allow her daughter to do such a shameful thing?" he disregarded Leng Xiangyu and turned to walk away.

Gu Tianchao helped his mother to stand up and said, "Mom, please dont cry. It is useless to cry now. Lets think of a way to save sister."

Leng Xiangyu had lost her mind and cried, "I am just a housewife. What else can I do? Your father does not want to help too That girl has been well taken care of for so long, how can she possibly survive in that place?"

Gu Tianchao sighed. He could not bring himself to tell his mother that this matter involved the murder of the son of King Lu. This time, Gu Tianqing must be suffering a lot after being sentenced to prison, and could probably lose her life, in the worst case scenario.

He comforted his mother for a while, that father was probably just too angry and not wanting to save his sister. Perhaps, his father was now thinking of ways to save her, but only did not want to say it out loud.

After much cajoling of her son, Leng Xiangyu had regained slight calmness in her mind.

After Gu Tianchao dismissed all the servants around, he asked his mother, "Mother, are you already aware of the affair between sister and the twelfth prince?"

Leng Xiangyu's expression slightly changed, "I"

Gu Tianchao sighed, "Mother, dont you trust your own son? I want to know the whole truth so that I can analyze this and save Tianqing"

Leng Xiangyu looked at her tall and handsome son. She pleased to find that he was finally mature enough to be her shelter.

She did not hide anything from her son and told him everything she knew.

She related in great detail, and Gu Tianchao silently listened. The more he listened, the more strange he felt. He was getting a tad more serious.

Something was wrong with Gu Xijiu!

He asked a few questions that were mainly directed to her, and Leng Xiangyu also spoke of everything she knew.

In this home, others might have overlooked this child, but Leng Xiangyu liked to torture her so she had a better understanding of her. She was also baffled about the changes in Gu Xijiu lately.

When a person crosses their limits, one might throw their temper around to an extreme. However, the change was too drastic in Gu Xijiu's case. She seemed to be a totally different person and even the vibes that she gave people were not the same anymore

Gu Tianchao said coldly, "Perhaps, it's really not her anymore."

Leng Xiangyu eyes widened, "What do you mean?"

Gu Tianchao voice was low, "Mother, perhaps the original Gu Xijiu is already dead. The current one is a reincarnation!"