The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1393

Chapter 1393: He Is A Fake (2)

Anying Hall was an assassin's organization, but they would not take lives away randomly. They would often evaluate their targets before accepting the jobs. It was not the wicked they were afraid of; it was the ordinary men or the good doers that they were worried about. They would not accept the jobs if they were required to kill good people.

Even though every man from Anying Hall was a killer and they had taken countless lives, they had their own principles that they would not cross.

The past two years had been rough, as Celestial Master Zuo became really aggravated with reactionary policies. The people were discontented everywhere.

What they used to have for Celestial Master Zuo was more respect than fear. However, his name would only bring them the threat of danger every time they heard it now. They would not easily mention his name, as they were afraid that they might cross the line and get them beheaded.

There were cases. The common people were having a little talk about Celestial Master Zuo in the restaurant. They were not talking bad about him and were merely expressing their confusions. Suddenly, some soldiers burst in abruptlyand took them all away to the square. The soldiers then took out their eyes and cut away their tongues before the public.

Cases like these had frequently been happening. The people from the entire continent were shaken. The public display of punishment was a useful warning to others. No one would ever talk about him ever again.

They knew clearly that Celestial Master Zuo was no longer the same man. They were disappointed but were too timid to speak out. They were not afraid to talk about him now, as all of them were friends. In the absence of verbal constraints, they did not hold back their words.

"It must be the fault of the so-called Fairy Queen Li. She calls herself as the wife of The Lord but stays by the side of Celestial Master Zuo instead. She must be the one who instigates Celestial Master Zuo."

Li Mengxia responded icily, "Does Celestial Master Zuo look like someone who can be easily instigated? Fairy Queen Li calls herself as the one who has been sent from heaven to save the world. She shows her good side in front of people but does all kinds of wicked things instead. I have goosebumps when I think of her. I do not believe that The Lord will marry such a woman."

All of them smiled wryly.

It was hard to say, as not anyone could impersonate The Lord's wife easily. Although The Lord would rarely show up, he had his eyes everywhere and knew everything. If someone publicly impersonated as his wife in a high profile manner, there was no way he would not know about it.

He did not show up, nor do anything to stop her, meaning that he tacitly agreed to her.

After all, Fairy Queen Li was a beautiful woman and a fairy from heaven. Perhaps she was the only perfect match for The Lord.

All of them talked while slowly chewing on their stiff piece of beef. Just when the discussion became heated, they could hear a man laughing grimly. A voice came from the sky. "Incorrigible! How dare you talk bad about Celestial Master Zuo here!"

Their expressions changed. They rose abruptly when they saw a dozen men appeared out of thin air.

The men varied in size, but they were all familiar faces.

They were the seven elder custodians of Anying Hall, along with six of their top assassins. The chief leader, Elder Liang, led them. He was a blunt straightforward man and could not permit irregularities in carrying out justice. He swore his loyalty to Celestial Master Zuo.

Li Mengxia used to be quite close to him. Hence, since Li Mengxia and the rest of them got into trouble, Elder Liang had commanded for their arrest, but he never really carried it out to give them a chance of escaping. Li Mengxia could never have thought that she would see him here, together with other guardian elders.

They did not know what to say to one another. They were no longer comrades, but enemies instead.