The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1395

Chapter 1395: Celestial Master Zuo (2)

He was worried that he would fail again. Desperately, he took one of the arrested men and put a sword on his neck. He then yelled at Li Mengxia. "Li Mengxia, if you insist on your desperate struggle, I will kill him immediately! He is one of your men, do you really want to see him die right here?"

All of them were utterly shaken. Elder Liang showed a frown of disapproval. "Zuo Yinhu, what are you doing? He has been arrested. What kind of hero are you to threaten the life of another man?"

"Let him go!" Some men yelled at him.

Zuo Yinhu's looked back sternly. "Are you all traitors? Are you going to betray Celestial Master Zuo?"

All of them kept quiet.

Elder Liang responded, "This has nothing to do with our loyalty for Celestial Master Zuo! An arrested man should not be used to threaten your opponent."

Zuo Yinhu answered icily, "They have betrayed Celestial Master Zuo. Certainly, they deserve their deaths. As Master Yang once said, we can kill them all at once! Master Yang has sent me here to observe and see if you are doing your best in your duties. Apparently, none of you would go to great lengths and kill them, which is not allowed. If I hear another word, I will report everything as it is to Master Yang. Let's see how Master Yang is going to punish you."

All of them kept their mouths shut.

They all clearly knew that Celestial Master Zuo regarded highly of Master Yang. Although they did not like Master Yang very much, they dared not voice out their discontentment, for fear that he would seek revenge even for the smallest grievance.

Zuo Yinhu was able to hold them back. He turned his cold, icy gaze to Li Mengxia, who was now fighting alone. "I will now count to three. If you do not surrender by then, he will be beheaded! One!"

It was a countdown to death. Li Mengxia's face turned pale, as her despair grew stronger. Finally, she gave up and threw away her long, red whip on the floor. "Fine! Fine!"

Zuo Yinhu was utterly delighted. Swiftly, he marched toward Li Meng Xia. He pointed his finger directly at her ribs, as though a poisonous snake launching its powerful bite.

If he managed to hit her crucial point, Li Mengxia would be captured, and her Kung Fu would be completely disabled as well, without a chance of recovery.

All of them panicked, but it was already too late to stop him.

Li Mengxia closed her eyes and was determined not to avoid his attack. At this point of imminent peril, a ray of white light flashed brightly before their eyes.

The white light came without warning. When Zuo Yinhu saw it, there was already no escape. The white light hit exactly on his arm that was pointing at Li Mengxia.

Blood splashed out, followed by a loud cry. Zuo Yinhu screeched with pain, for his right arm had been entirely cut off.

"Who? Which bastard did this to me?" Zuo Yinhu yelled in great frustration, as his pain became unbearable.

He actually thought that it was Li Mengxia's men who did this to him. Intuitively, he turned his gaze at them.

To his surprise, he caught all of them looking at someone standing not too far behind him. They looked surprised and happy but intimidated at the same time. He could tell that their expressions were rather odd.

His men turned their eyes to look at the same direction as well. Dumbstruck, they stared with their mouths open in utter disbelief.

Li Mengxia opened her eyes briefly and turned to look towards the same direction. Astonished, her lips started to tremble.

Zuo Yinhu could feel his skin go numb after it tingled briefly. Abruptly, he turned around and was immediately shocked by what he saw. He called out immediately, "Celestial Master Zuo!"

Not too far behind him, gracefully stood a masked man in purple robes, along with a lady by his side.

They were inundated by the intensity of the purple robes. The silver mask shined brightly under the light. At this moment, his bright, watery eyes were quietly watching them. The mask had concealed half of his face, revealing only his mouth. He pursed his lips into a nonchalant smirk.

With a pale violet dress, the lady stood sprightly as a fairy next to him. Her ethereal lightness was a complement to her overwhelming elegance.

They were Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu.

Di Fuyi did not even look at Zuo Yinhu. Instead, he looked at Li Mengxia fixedly. "Master Li, how have you been doing?" There was a faint trace of warmth in his words.