The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1397

Chapter 1397: For He Who Is Inhuman And Unjust! Whip!

Di Fuyi smirked and threw a glance at Li Mengxia. "He is yours. Do whatever you want."

Li Mengxia wiped away her tears and rose. Then, she picked up her whip and pointed immediately at Yinhu. "Hey, Zuo, let's fight! If you win, you can go. If you lose, you die."

Zuo Yinhu retreated. "It is unfair. I have injured an arm."

Li Mengxia did not hesitate to tie her right arm behind her back. She handled the whip with her left hand instead. "I will fight you single-handedly."

Zuo Yinhu did not know what to say.

He knew that Di Fuyi had intended to kill him. Also, he had offended everyone who was present, so they would no longer appeal for his mercy. Under the current circumstance, beating Li Mengxia was his only way out.

He accepted the fight and so they began.

Gu Xijiu watched the fight for a while and sighed. "I did not know that Master Li could handle the whip so well even with her left hand!"

Di Fuyi pulled her closer at the waist and answered, "The Master of Anying Hall is certainly no ordinary."

While fighting, Li Mengxia smiled back at the compliment. "Thank you, Celestial Master Zuo. I am flattered."

The more Zuo Yinhu fought, the more he became unsteady. "This is unfair! You have always been good with your left hand. Also, you are uninjured."

Someone answered, "Zuo Yinhu, you can handle your sword well with your left hand, too! Even though your right arm is injured, you still have your strength. You hardly did anything at all. Master Li, on the contrary, has fought bravely. She must be completely exhausted by now, so you are the one who has the advantage over her."

Zuo Yinhu kept quiet. He could not argue back.

Li Mengxia looked like a mess, but she did not fight like one. In high spirits, she fought fiercely as though a tigress preying on her victim. Like a violent storm, she did not hold back her moves and launched her attacks forcefully, shedding her gleams in all directions.

In fact, their strengths were almost equally good. However, there was no way that Zuo Yinhu could defeat Li Mengxia now.

"For he who is inhuman and unjust! Whip!"

"For he who is cruel against his own friends! Whip!"

"For he who is devoid of gratitude! Whip!"

"For he who harbors evil intentions! Whip!"

She continued to rail at him.

Every time when Li Mengxia whipped, she would accuse him with his wrongdoings. In the end, Zuo Yinhu died from her whipping. His skin looked as though it was carved with prints, as the lash marks covered his entire body. His soul was separated from his body after the then intense fight. When his body fell, his soul slowly rose.

Gu Xijiu saw it, but others could not. Just when she was about to do something, Di Fuyi immediately halted her, "Don't get your hand dirtied." He waved lightly, and a flash of white light surrounded his soul. Soon, his soul vanished into ashes.

Alarmed, Elder Liang and his men quickly begged Di Fuyi for his forgiveness.

Di Fuyi did not blame them, as they were only being faithful, although to the fake Celestial Master Zuo.

The real Celestial Master Zuo had finally revealed himself and was still as strong as before. They were excited, as he was still the man they once knew. In the past few years, they were not quite happy about their situation but were too afraid to speak out.

Now that their one true master had finally emerged, their faith was restored. They quickly told him about all the wrongdoings that the fake Celestial Master Zuo had conducted throughout the years.

Di Fuyi managed to absorb some information from their conversations.

Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu listened carefully without interrupting. They would only ask some crucial questions, occasionally.

Even though they did not go along so well with the fake Celestial Master Zuo, they were still the men from Anying Hall. Certainly, they knew things better than the outsiders did.

From the summary, Gu Xijiu made a few conclusions.