The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1400

Chapter 1400: The Reputation Of Celestial Master Zuo

"Celestial Master Zuo is here, kneel!"

"Celestial Master Zuo is here, kneel!"


It sounded like the voice had come from somewhere far away at first however, the message was being passed from place to place. It was as though the ministers were receiving orders to standby outside the palace and greet the king.

The citizens nearby who were busily attending to their affairs stopped what they were doing and knelt immediately.Before they could see Celestial Master Zuo's vehicle, they had all kneeled.

The food on the stove was still frying; the water on the stove was still boiling; the tea was being brewed halfway. However, everyone had knelt on the ground and did not move at all.

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

When Di Fuyi patrolled last time, all the people also kneeled and prayed as if they had seen God. But that time those people who kneeled were the ones walking on the street. People inside the house would not kneel.

However, this time, everyone kneeled even before they saw the person. Everyone looked frightened as if there would be a catastrophe if they did not. When they kneeled, they did not even dare to make a sound as if they would be punished if they made any noise.

Everyone was kneeling except for the three of them, which made them very eye-catching. Gu Xijiu stared at Di Fuyi and wondered how he felt when he realized that someone was pretending to be him and used his name to create chaos around the world.

Would he be willing to kneel to conceal his true identity? Suddenly, Di Fuyi flicked his finger, and a white light surrounded the three of them.

Gu Xijiu heaved a sigh of relief. She then walked toward the windows to see the crowd and Li Mengxia followed her. After a while, they saw a tour slowly marching forward from far away. It was even grander than a visit from the royal family.

The team at the most front was formed by a hundred people wearing silver helmets and armor, followed by a group of one hundred people wearing gold helmets and armor. After that, a team of a hundred young men dressed in green robes followed. All of them looked very handsome and smart. After them, there were a hundred ladies dressed in red. Finally, the last hundred people were kids in green shirts. These kids were surrounding a large and luxurious cabin. The cabin was driven by eight snow tigers with two wings that were jumping excitedly. The cabin was extremely luxurious as it was made of translucent white jade. The jade was studded with eight shiny light blue gems which were glimmering brightly under the sun.

The cabin was a half-opened hooded style. Two people were sitting face to face inside the cabin. One of them was wearing a purple robe, and the other one was wearing a white dress.

There was a chessboard in between them, and they were playing chess with each other. A white curtain was hanging from the top of the cabin, and it made both of the people inside the cabin look as if they were sitting in the clouds. They looked like gods that did not care about anything related to humans.

There was another group consisting of a hundred people sitting at the back of the cabin. They were dressed in five different colors like those in front of the car.

Finally, Gu Xijiu managed to spot the four messengers. Two of the messengers stood in front of the cabin, while the other two stood at the back. All of them were half-bowed toward the cabin. Though the four of them were wearing a mask and their faces could not be seen, they looked very reverent and respectful.

Gu Xijiu could not help but look at Di Fuyi who was standing by her side. Di Fuyi tightly sipped his lips, and he was also staring at the four messengers. He looked like he had a complicated feeling.

The four messengers had stayed by his side longer than anyone else. They were his subordinates as well as his family members.