The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1403

Chapter 1403: Battle

Li Mengxia answered, "Yes!"

Di Fuyi smiled. "That's good, I have thought of a good way to sneak into the place. However, it will be a grievance for you."


The place where the fake Celestial Master Zuo was living was called the Qingtian Palace. There was a hidden meaning behind this name.

The original Celestial Master Zuo had never been involved in political matters. Meanwhile, the current Celestial Master Zuo was like Cao Cao who threatened the emperor. The present Emperor Wen, Rong Jialuo, was his puppet. Celestial Master Zuo was now the new conqueror of the world ever since Rong Jialuo's power had been removed.

There was only one entrance to the Qingtian Palace.

The one who guarded the entrance was the golden giant of Fairy Queen Li. The giant had achieved a spiritual power of level nine, so he was mighty on his own. Moreover, he always had six guardians with a spiritual power of level eight following him. Therefore, it was almost impossible for an average person to enter Qingtian Palace.

It was extremely secure for the fake Celestial Master Zuo to live inside as the Wall of Sorrows surrounded the palace, and the golden giant guarded the main entrance.

Today, he had just sent Fairy Queen Li back to her courtyard and was about to rest when he received a report from outside, "Celestial Master Zuo, the master of the Anying Association, and Master Yang, wants to see you with his three followers. He had caught Li Mengxia and her gang. They are waiting for you outside."

The fake guy was surprised for a moment and looked enlightened. "Good, let them in and ask them to wait for me in the guest room." He thought for a moment and commanded. "Please invite Fairy Queen Li to come over. I need her to help me with something."

His servant left and went to invite Fairy Queen Li.


Inside a luxurious guest room.

Yang Feiyi, Elder Liang, and Elder Huang escorted Li Mengxia to enter the room.

Li Mengxia looked extremely messy. Her clothes had been torn into pieces, and her hair was like grass. Her face looked ashen. Though she was not tied with a rope, it was evident that her acupuncture point had been blocked. Her body was shaking as she slowly inched toward them.

Yang Feiyi and the other people knelt when the fake guy showed up but not Li Mengxia. She stood still and looked straight at the phony guy.

The fake Celestial Master Zuo was wearing a mask on his face, so they were unable to see his facial expression from the surface. Yang Feiyi storied him about the process to catch Li Mengxia and the gang. Of course, they described it as a very thrilling and challenging process.

The fake Celestial Master Zuo scanned Li Mengxia with a despised expression. He indifferently praised Yang Yifei and the rest for their success. Yang Yifei and the gang looked humble but excited. They expressed their loyalty to Celestial Master Zuo.

Fairy Queen Li slowly walked into the room halfway through the discussion and sat down. She looked ignorant, and when Yang Yifei and the rest bowed to her, she just waved and did not even look at them. She was staring at Li Mengxia.

Though Li Mengxia looked awful, she still possessed an energetic aura. She looked straight into fairy's eyes. Fairy Queen Li smiled and continued staring at Li Mengxia. Her black pupils started to turn blurry and become brown.

Li Mengxia went stiff. Her strong aura was getting weaker, and she looked confused. She looked at Fairy Queen Li and did not speak.

"Who are you?" Fairy Queen Li elegantly asked.

Li Mengxia stared at her and still did not speak.

Fairy Queen Li slightly frowned. "I am asking you a question. Why aren't you answering me?"

Everyone looked at each other. The fake Celestial Master Zuo frowned. Fairy Queen Li was good at controlling minds. Once a person was being targeted, he or she would be forced to tell the truth without fail. However, she needed to add a venomous spell to her Mind Manipulation Magic when a person possessed a spiritual power of level nine and above.

Li Mengxia possessed a spiritual power of level eight.