The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 141

Chapter 141: I Never Know The Feeling Of Fear

Gu Tianchao was shocked. Before he could say anything, Gu Xietian had turned and walked away.

Gu Tianchao wandered around his room for a while. He knew that he could not test Gu Xijiu anymore.

He thought for a moment before writing something and summoned his Green Bird that he used to stay in contact with his mates in the clan. The Green Bird swallowed the letter into its stomach and flew away at lightning speed.

The speed of this bird was very fast; it could fly thousands of miles a day. He believed that this letter that he wrote could reach the hands of his master after a day.

By that time, his master would definitely send someone over to eliminate the devil and evil spirit.

If Gu Xijiu was a reincarnation, she would be debunked by his master!


The night was dark, but Gu Xijiu could not sleep yet.

She turned tossed and turned on the bed. The Firmament Stone could not stand it and finally asked, "What is wrong with you? Are you too excited because of the victory today?"

Gu Xijiu sat up, "Why would I be excited? I am thinking what the next step should be."

"What else you can do? You are popular now. Even the Emperor values you a lot and your father has started to pay attention to you. Why do you still want to worry when good days are coming?" The Firmament Stone had reverted to its original look and while on Gu Xijiu's wrist, of course, it converged its light to be less shiny.

Gu Xijiu slightly shook her head, "It is not as simple as you think. Gu Xietian has started to suspect my identity. I am afraid that the Emperor has also started to harbor some suspicions and may investigate me behind the scenes."

"So, are you afraid?"

"Am I afraid?" Gu Xijiu laughed, "I never know the feeling of fear."

"Good! You are so brave!" The Firmament Stone praised her, "Oh yeah, since you have avenged the original owner, do you want to pray and comfort her soul in heaven?"

Gu Xijiu raised her eyebrow, "If her spirit is still around, she should be able to see everything and will not require me to pray to tell her."

You need to!" The Firmament Stone said, "Master, you'd better pray so that she can rest in peace and you can" suddenly it paused.

Gu Xijiu noticed it was hiding something, "What is that?"

"You can use the body easily. After all, this is her body and she died in such a pitiful way. Now that you have helped her take revenge, it is not wrong to pray and inform her about it."

Indeed, it had a point.

Gu Xijiu was efficient. She jumped down from the bed and ordered her maids to prepare the praying materials.

Her maids were very efficient too. They quickly prepared the necessary, and in just a few minutes the praying materials were already on a table.

At this time, the moon was shining brightly and the weather was windy.

Gu Xijiu burned three joss sticks and inserted them into the burner. She had also ordered her maids to burn some paper money while she stood there and whispered a few words.

The paper money was burning in the pot. Suddenly, there was a wind that blew the ashes into the air and disappeared after floating for a while.

The maid who accompanied her to pray quietly whispered, "The spirit of madam is here!"

Gu Xijiu did not tell her maid who she was praying to, thus the maids always thought that she was praying to her mother, the original Mrs General Luo Xinglan.

Gu Xijiu did not explain. She looked at the ashes that flew into the air like a cloud and had a strange feeling as if she had seen the original owner close her eyes and fly away peacefully.

When she was back in the room, she wore the Firmament Stone back on her wrist. The stone asked her excitedly, "Master, can you feel anything now? Do you feel your body at a more relaxed state now?"