The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1420

Chapter 1420: Have You Seen Enough Of It? Let Us Go Back.

Long Siye, "..."

He examined Li Mengxia's pupils to make sure that she was still under his control, and gradually asked, "Do you have a solid plan?"

Li Mengxia stared at him, looking more vacuous than he was, she asked, "What sort of plans do we need? Let us get you out there first before anything else. Oh right, Celestial Master Zuo's protection spells appeared to have been controlled by some spell. Xijiu and Celestial Master Zuo were at their wits' end. They could be waiting for you to look into the matter."

Long Siye's gaze flickered. "Where had Di Fuyi been all these years? Why is he only back now?"

Li Mengxia shook her head. "I do not know. They did not say."

Long Siye, "..."

He then followed up with a couple of questions, each getting closer to the core. Yet, Li Mengxia appeared to have lost her memories of all these, unaware of most of the answers. Even after having spent such a long time, Long Siye was unable to get the answer to even one of the key questions.

Looking at Li Mengxia, Long Siye started to suspect that she had not been under his control, and had only been beguiling him! However, Li Mengxia's vacuous gaze and the spinning purple dot in her pupils again pushed him into believing that she was, in fact,under his control.

It seemed that Di Fuyi did a good job at keeping it all a secret. Li Mengxia was really unaware. Before he left, he again asked a key question, "What is Xijiu suspecting me for? Did she tell you anything?"

That was a hard question to Li Mengxia. She hesitated before commenting, "How could she ever suspect you? She has always trusted you, Instructor Long. She was telling me all the good things about you along the way, saying that you were one of the best friends that she could ever ask for"

Long Siye, "..."

He sighed. "Has she ever known that I have wanted us to be more than just friends?"

Li Mengxia looked at him with dilated round eyes, apparently not getting what he meant.

Long Siye shook his head slightly. He wielded his sleeves, and Li Mengxia was again lying on the bed. Long Siye looked down at her for a moment, then wielded his sleeves again so that the blanket by her side lay flat on her body. He spoke with a soothing voice, "Go to sleep, and when you are awake, you will no longer remember what happened."

Li Mengxia closed her eyes and dozed off while Long Siye turned and left.

Gu Xijiu heaved a sigh of relief. As she was thinking of going back, she felt her waist surrounded by an arm which pulled her into an embrace. "Have you seen enough of it? Let us go back."

Later, Gu Xijiu was back to her room. She turned to look at Di Fuyi who was behind her. "You have done something to Li Mengxia earlier, am I right?!"

Di Fuyi laid her on the bed and confessed. "Yup."

"You knew there was something awry with Long Siye even before meeting me?"

Di Fuyi sighed. "I could not come into contact with your directed audio - obviously because someone had done something to it; you were not free to speak when you contacted me - showing that you were afraid of being eavesdropped. I just came to realize that there was something going on with Long Siye. I arrived at the room you were referring to and saw Li Mengxia, hence I incidentally removed part of her memories, before I got out of the room and found you there"

This guy was really the reincarnation of Zhuge Liang. Everything was in his hands!

"So you have expected everything"