The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1425

Chapter 1425: I Am The Supreme Dictator

Then, they waited patiently. It was going to be a long night without sleep.

The fake Celestial Master Zuo was still wide awake at this time. He used to be an incredible person, but as time passed after his death, he had forgotten about his past. Now he lingered in the world every day and did not know how he came by to reside in this body. When others told him that this was the body of Celestial Master Zuo, that was a gift from the heavens to him. He was overwhelmed!

Someone then transferred his powers to him in his sleep and guided him on Di Fuyi's usual behavior. He was quick-witted. Besides that, he resided in a body that already possessed a spiritual power of level nine; and his soul was quite potent as well, hence controlling this body was easy to him. Later, Fairy Queen Li came to his side and taught him the secrets to training that were unfamiliar to this world, such as training by using the power of hatred.

Fairy Queen Li also helped him with controlling Di Fuyi's protection spells, and making them what he could utilize for his benefit. With the help of the protection spells, no one will realize that he was a clone. Heactually never thought of himself as a clone anyway.

He thought that the real Di Fuyi had died, and it was all God's wish for him to take over his empty shell and Di Fuyi's identity. Two years of entitlement made his greed insatiable. The person in his dreams had a changing appearance and always appeared underneath a veil of mist, rendering him unable to figure out the physique of the person. However, that person treated him quite well, not forcing him to imitate Di Fuyi, but allowing him to be himself and behave according to his true nature.

As a result, he gradually lost his control, as his behavior grew unreasonable and uncompromising. Due to the absolute strength that he possessed, the people could only acquiesce. He professed to be the supreme dictator until today.

Everything went according to his wishes, and the only unfortunate thing was that he was told by the person in his dreams to train using the body of a child if he were to possess the greatest power. That meant that he would not be able to approach women.

He felt that it suppressed his true nature. However, he reluctantly chose to temporarily surpress his manly nature for the sake of making himself stronger. The person in his dreams did tell him that, once he possessed spiritual power above level ten, he could approach women if he would not mind training slightly slower. He could even surround himself with eight women at the same time.

He had reached the tenth level benchmark two months ago. Upon contemplation, he felt that it was time for him to relax and surround himself with women.

It was effortless for Celestial Master Zuo to do so. As long as he provides a faint suggestion of his intention, many voluntarily offered him themselves.

He actually wanted to be free with his sexual intentions but was not permitted by Fairy Queen Li, who said that the time had not come to do so. That angered him.

Nonetheless, since he still needed the support of Fairy Queen Li, so he could not put himself into an antagonistic position against her. He just could not help to find it unjust.

Tonight, he was already ready for a rest, until the secretive person in his dreams who had not appeared for days appeared again.

This time, he was given the good news that he could finally be free with his sexual intentions! In fact, that person transferred him a secret power of his, saying that as long as he uses it while having sex with women, his powers will increase tremendously! According to him, that was the ultimate Double Physical and Spiritual Cultivation.