The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Her World Had Collapsed Completely!

"Hey, can you speak? Are you awake already?" At first, the Firmament Stone could read her mind, but later, she found a way to isolate its mind-reading. If she did not want to talk to it, it would not know what her thoughts were.

"Firmament, you are so knowledgeable, do you know who I was in my previous life?" Gu Xijiu asked, all of a sudden.

The Firmament Stone was stunned for a while, but replied steadily, "You're an assassin, as well as the clone of Ye Hongfeng, the daughter of the richest man in that generation. The rich man had only one daughter, so he was afraid of losing his daughter due to any unforeseen disease. Thus, he was against the medical rule to produce a clone of his daughter as the organs bank for his daughter.

Of course, they were also worried that the clone would fall sick, as she had the same genes as his daughter. So, they requested Dr. Long to modify the gene when he produced the clone so that the clone would not be able to fall sick easily, on top of some special abilities?"

"Dr. Long?" Gu Xijiu repeated.

"A madman who was crazy about science. He was so fascinated in researching clones and was committed to producing human clones. However, since the world did not allow cloning, he had to join the company of that rich man. In that company, he not only got the opportunity to continue his research on human cloning, he became rich and set up his own company, Long Teng Group.

He was the chairman of Long Teng Group but in fact, he was still serving the rich man. You were his best product in your previous life"

It paused for a while and carefully observed Gu Xijius facial expression.

Gu Xijiu did not express much, and only said, "Continue."

"The rich man had also wanted to know how powerful the clone could be, thus he made some arrangements to turn you into an assassin. Of course, you did not disappoint them. You were extraordinarily good. After that, Ye Hongfeng fell sick and something went wrong with his heart. He needed a healthy heart in exchange, so they sacrificed you and thats why you came to this life"

It seemed like the Firmament Stone knew a lot more than she did.

She only knew the truth at the very moment when she was knocked out by the drugs.

She gripped her fingers and her body slightly trembled.

She had been very proud and free in that world. She knew how to cry and laugh; she had all the emotions that a human had and she could even fell in love with others When she knew the truth, her world had collapsed completely!

"Firmament, do you know who was the person who wanted to remove my heart?"

The Firmament Stone replied, "It was once a insignificant information, I dont have it in my database."

"Long Xi" Gu Xijiu spelled out the words slowly, with no ups and downs voice, "He was my instructors at the training camps of an assassin. He always took care of me and I treated him as a very important person during that period. I even proposed to marry him before I got knocked out"

The Firmament Stone, "Long Xi Was he the son of the crazy scientist Dr. Long?"

Gu Xijiu replied with an indifferent voice, "I think. He never talked about his family and I only know that he was the young master of the Long Teng Group."'

"That was it, that scientist had only one son."

Gu Xijiu closed her eyes and did not speak anymore. Everything was clear now.

There was this relationship between the Long Teng group and that rich man.

Only now was whe she finally got to know everything.