The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1430

Chapter 1430: Being Caught Naked (4)

The fake Celestial Master Zuo did not answer. Fairy Li Wang was not even aware of the 'celestial being' that came into his dream to teach him Kung Fu, so she could not confront him regarding his suspicion. However, he was interested about the rumors regarding Gu Xijiu. The lady must be exceedingly beautiful to be able to attract Celestial Master Zuo's eyes.

The fake Celestial Master Zuo thought about it for a moment and suggested, "I have a way to find out if she is alive. I will make sure that she shows up."

Fairy Li Wang was delighted. "What's the idea?"

Long Fan meditated in the room for almost an hour. He was still waiting for the news from Meng Tianer.

Since he did not hear from her for some time, he was a little worried. So, he tried other ways to contact her, but received no response. The red amulet in his hands did not seem to respond. The only possibility was that she was already dead from the poison, leaving behind a pool of pus.

He sat himself down. He could not believe that the mission was a failure. Why did it fail? There should not have been any risk at all! Long Fan quietly thought about his next move. Shortly after, a plan occurred to him. He sat cross-legged on his bed and performed a spell with his right hand. Slowly and calmly, he tried to enter the fake Celestial Master Zuo's dreams to find out more.

For some reason, he failed. Apparently, the fake Celestial Master Zuo was not sleeping. Hence, there was no chance for him to enter his dreams.

Hoarsely, he murmured a spell and was about to perform his next move. However, he suddenly noticed that it was already morning! In a hurried state, he only managed to put a spell on his body before he fell back onto the bed. Then, he closed his eyes.

After a while, Long Siye, who was now on the bed, slowly opened his eyes. His eyes swept across his room and stopped when he saw the furniture in the room. He sighed and sat up to massage his temples. Suddenly, he seemed to have noticed something at the top of the room. He looked up.

A man was sitting on the crossbeam, a man with purple robes and black hair. His headband, embellished with the jade that resembled the shape of a fox's eye, glimmered faintly. He was charming to say the least. He seemed at ease, as he sat with one leg hanging in the air and one leg bent. He tilted his head and watched him from above with a tight smile.

It was Celestial Master Zuo.

Long Siye was taken by surprise. "Do you enjoy being a gentleman in mid-air? What are you doing here?"

Di Fuyi responded smilingly, "We have not met for eight years. I am here to visit."

Long Siye was unimpressed. "I do not need your concern. If you are done watching, please leave."

He rose from the bed to tidy up his clothes. Intuitively, he looked around again and saw Di Fuyi getting down from the beam. "My old friend, shall we have a drink together?"

Long Siye did not seem to understand his question. "Are you going to drink wine early in the morning?"

Di Fuyi flicked his fingers. "I meant tea. You are overthinking."

Long Siye did not know what to say. He certainly did not wish to continue the conversation. Dissidence of opinions made it useless to talk further.

Di Fuyi presented his tea set with all his cups and started to make tea.

Long Siye watched as he worked swiftly. Politely, he a, asked, "Why exactly are you here?"

Di Fuyi asked him to sit before he asked directly, "Where is Xijiu?"

Long Siye was astonished. Frowningly, he answered with another question, "Hasn't she gone back?"

Di Fuyi handed him a cup of tea. "When was the last time you saw her?"