The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1433

Chapter 1433: Not To The Point Of Making A Nuisance Of Himself

Long Siye was puzzled. Di Fuyi disregarded his disbelief and continued to demonstrate to him with animated gestured about the proper way to meditate.

The meditation was easy to learn, as its steps were considerably simple. Long Siye understood it after the first demonstration. He sat down and tried to make the meditation work. Suddenly, he could feel an abrupt ache in his head, as though he had agitated some 'bug' in the hidden part of his brain. His heart skipped a beat at the twitch in his head.

He opened his eyes abruptly and saw Di Fuyi observing his pulse on his wrist.Hoarsely, he responded, "Keep on!"

While he was meditating, he could sense that Di Fuyi was closely transferring his spiritual power to him through his fingers on his wrist. The power pushed through his veins, and along with his spiritualpower, it reached a hidden part of his brain. The 'bug' was, again, unsettled, and the irritation in his head became more violent.

Long Siye tried to calm down, but Di Fuyi's spiritual power was slowly closing in. Suddenly, there was a brisk stir in his abdomen. Soon, he could feel the rush from his abdomen right up to his head.

Three different powers were struggling against one another at the same time in his head. Finally, the 'bug' was suppressed and sealed carefully, so it could no longer do any harm.

The process was extremely unbearable, as though his head was about to split. Without Di Fuyi's power to forcibly hold him down, he would definitely escape from the meditation.

After a while, Di Fuyi finally let his wrist go. Covered in sweat, Long Siye opened his eyes and saw Di Fuyi sitting his tea across him. He was a little pale, apparently exhausted.

"What is it that is in my body?" Long Siye could not help but ask about the alarming the 'bug' in his head.

"Do not try to feel it!" Di Fuyi interrupted. "The more you try to feel it, the easier it is for it to break loose."

Long Siye took a deep breath. "What is going on?"

Di Fuyi answered nonchalantly, "Someone has cast a venomous spell on youso that he can control you during the night. I have sealed it off for you at the moment. As long as you do as told and meditate twice a day to reinforce the seal, it will remain sealed."

Long Siye was at loss of words. He calmed down and asked, "Is there any way to get rid of it permanently?"

"Yes, but not now," responded Di Fuyi.

"When will be the time?"

Di Fuyi rested a finger on his lips and smiled cunningly, "I shall not reveal God's plan to you."

Long Siye was speechless.

With a loud laugh, Di Fuyi turned and left.

Long Siye was so annoyed to the point where he would aim and throw his cup of tea at Di Fuyi anytime.

Di Fuyi would often keep others in the dark and continue to behave oddly in his every act. He was annoying, but not to the point of making a nuisance of himself.

Intuitively, he wanted to explore and discover the 'bug', but he gave up after Di Fuyi reminded him not to. Although Di Fuyi was a little odd, he was trustworthy. He should not risk exploring the area beyond the seal.

Seemingly, Di Fuyi was quite at ease, so Long Siye was reassured that the venomous spell would not be a big deal as long as he kept suppressing it.

Di Fuyi's smile disappeared after he left his room.

Long Siye's condition was far worse than he thought.