The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1443

Chapter 1443: No One Would Think That You Are Dumb If You Don't Speak!

"We almost lose our life, and you are still feeling jealous for nothing!" Zhang Chuchu began to get more impatient.

"Zhang Chuchu, no one would think that you are dumb if you don't speak!" That cool and bright male voice sounded unhappy.

"Damn it. Lan Yue. It's my freedom to speak and I don't care whether you are happy or not. You are just a bitch who cannot stop babbling." Zhang Chuchu was very angry.

"Shut up!" Yan Chen shouted angrily.

People here were still somewhat afraid of him, so finally everyone finally became silent.


Gu Xijiu could hear the movements inside the barrier, but obviously, they could not hear the movements outside. Gu Xijiu shouted a few times but there was no answer from anyone inside. All she continued to hear was the intense fight as well as the wailing of the Nailed-Tooth beasts.

Di Fuyi refused to break the enchanted barrier, so Gu Xijiu had to do it on her own. She was worried about the people inside so her hands were actually trembling.

Meanwhile, the fight inside was getting intensified. Lan Waihu had the lowest level of spiritual power among this group of people. Hence, the Nailed-Tooth beasts were keeping her as their target. Half of the beasts had swooped down to her.

She tried to suppress the desire to scream. She had the water element of spiritual power and could not helpwith the clouds of fire. If she used her power, it would have the opposite effect so she was fighting with a sword.

However, she could not sever the beasts into two with her sword, so she could only knock them with the back of her sword. It was very hard to deal with them.

During the intense battle, a Nailed-Tooth beast broke through her defense and swooped to her back. It almost bit on her neck! As she was dealing with two beasts in front of her, she was not able to deal with the one at her back, so she could not help but shout, "Lan Yue!"

Lan Yue, who stood at her side, did not have time to help her as he was also dealing with a Nailed-Tooth beast.

At this time, Yan Chen, who stood on the other side, ran over to her and pulled her away. The beast did not bite on Lan Waihu's neck but instead on Yan Chen's arm The long tooth was even sharper than a sword and itinjured Yan Chen's arm.

It was extremely painful to be bitten by the Nailed-Tooth beast. Yan Chen's arm was trembling and his face quickly turned pale. However, he still insisted to release a fire to push the Nailed-Tooth beast away!

Lan Waihu survived the disaster but her face also turned pale. She looked at Yan Chen and stuttered in fear. "Th... Thank Thank you"

Yan Chen did not have any expression on his face but just coldly said, "You're welcome." He went back to his own position.

Lan Waihu looked sad. At this time, only Lan Yue came to her side. "Are you alright?"

Lan Waihu shook her head but responded bravely, "I'm I'm ok..."

Her big eyes could not help but stare at Yan Chen's injured arm. It was still bleeding badly and it stained his sleeve. Yan Chen tried a few times to stop the bleeding but still failed to do anything. It could only slow down the flow.

Since they were still in the fight, Yan Chen had no time to do the further healing. He continued to command the battle and helped his teammates from danger from time to time

As Lan Yue started to stick by Lan Waihu's side, the Nailed-Tooth beasts did not focus on her anymore. They switched their attention to Yan Chen.

Yan Chen had the highest skill among them, buttheir bite injured him. It was the most vulnerable moment for him. If the beasts managed to drink his blood, it would nourish them more than drinking other people's blood!

Therefore, these Nailed-Tooth beasts started to group into one and attacked Yan Chen intensively.