The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1453

Chapter 1453: Identifying The Traitor

Di Fuyi glanced through the crowd and smiled. "Be patient. I have a plan. However, before I tell you about my plan, I must figure out one thing."

Everyone was confused.

Gu Canmo looked curious but forced a smile. "What is that?"

Di Fuyi put his hand into his sleeve and took something out which he placed on his palm. It was a carved jade shaped like a Qilin. He asked, "Whose is this?"

Everyone looked at each other. Gu Canmo frowned. "Everyone in Tianju Hall has one of it. It is a girdle ornament that represents our identity. Is there anything wrong with it?"

Di Fuyi glanced through the crowd again. "Everyone has it?"

Gu Canmo nodded. "It was made two years ago. It is the new identity of our Tianju Hall's student. At first, everyone wore it on their bodies every day. This time after we came out of Tianju Hall, we don't wear it to avoid our identity being disclosed. However, we still keep in with us in our clothes"

He took out a girdle ornament and it was exactly the same as the one on Di Fuyi's palm.

Di Fuyi compared them side by side and asked Gu Canmo, "Are the girdle ornaments you all wear made of Tianxiang Jade?"

Gu Canmo nodded. "Yes, the Tianxiang Jade has a very unique fragrance and it can help to purify any impurities. Therefore, I requested everyone to wear it with them."

Di Fuyi threw the jade on his hand to Gu Canmo. "Take a look at this carefully. Is this jade also made of Tianxiang Jade?"

Gu Canmo was very knowledgeable. He took that ornament and checked it under the sunlight. He was shocked. "This is Tianmo Jade!"

The Tianmo Jade was the opposite of Tianxiang Jade. Although they looked exactly the same, their functions were greatly contrary!

Tianmo Jade was an extremely rare material. It was said that it had a very powerful energy. It could destroy the soul of the wearer by deteriorating his/her spiritual power unknowingly. It could even impair the memories of the bearer, which could eventually lead to dementia.

The energy of this jade was very strong. It could affect the people within the radius of a few kilometers. (Based on modern day knowledge, it was kind of similar to nuclear activity with extremely strong radiation). No one ever expected to see it from Di Fuyi.

Although everyone wore the same girdle ornament, in order to differentiate the owner easily, they carved their own sign on the jade. Some of them carved their middle names on it while others carved their family emblem or some pattern that they could recognize.

It was not easy to engrave words on this kind of jade. It had to be carved by someone with at least a level eight spiritual power, and required at least a level nine spiritual power if they wanted to draw freely on the jade.

The one on Di Fuyi's hand had a cloud pattern carved at the back of the Qilin. The pattern was quite complicated so apparently, it was carved by a level nine spiritual master.

"Celestial Master Zuo, where did you find it from? Could it be that someone imitated the girdle ornament of Tianju Hall and wanted to do an unfavorable thing to us?" Gu Canmo looked very serious.

Di Fuyi played with the jade on his hand. "I found it under a tile at the practice field in Tianju Hall. If I guess correctly, it was the culprit that caused the nightmares for everyone!"

The crowd was stunned. Was this the culprit that caused them to leave their school and hostel? Gu Canmo's facial expression changed. He immediately asked a few elders who had reached level nine if any of them had carved the cloud pattern on this jade.

The elders shook their heads. No one had done it before. However, it was apparently brought in by a student of Tianju Hall, because no one else entered into Tianju Hall in the recent six months! Without the need to ask, it was either a student of Tianju Hall who had been manipulated by someone, or there was a traitor inside Tianju Hall!