The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1463

Chapter 1463: I Will Take Revenge On Anyone Who Mistreats You

Gu Xijiu frowned. She was not keen to get herself involved in someone else's issues. However, she was also protective of her friends. Apparently, Lan Waihu had been humiliated. Gu Xijiu looked away. She could not figure out who had embarrassed her so badly.

Once again, Lan Waihu went back into deep sleep. There were still tears in her eyes. Her tears had wet almost the whole pillow. Gu Xijiu used a cleaning spell and tidied up the pillow for her.

She wiped away the tears in her eyes. Lan Waihu seemed to notice the warm touch of her finger, so she turned around and hugged her arm. She learned so closely on her, as though a clingy cat, and pulled her hand tightly in her arms. Anchored, she did not let go of her hand.

Whenever Gu Xijiu was around with Lan Waihu, she could feel her maternal instinct blooming inside her. Gu Xijiu put a streak of hair to the back of her ears to comfort her. Lan Waihu gulped nervously and murmured, "No Please don't abandon me I will behave well."

Gu Xijiu gently stroked her face. "Hush, no one is going to abandon you. I will take revenge on anyone who mistreats you."

Even in her dreams, Lan Waihu was very obedient. "Hmm."

Just when Gu Xijiu thought she could finally get some sleep, Lan Waihu started crying again. Apparently, she was haunted by her nightmares again.

In eight years, the once happy and lively Lan Waihu had gradually become a crybaby. Gu Xijiu thought about it for a moment and decided to put a finger on her temple to perform a spell.

Gu Xijiu's spiritual power had reached level ten; she had mastered the skills to enter someone else's dream. She would like to find out who had been haunting Lan Waihu, even in her dreams. She also wanted to find out about the unfortunate incidents that shaped her nightmare.

Although her dreams were in fragments, they were clear. Hence, Gu Xijiu would be able to enter her dreams and share a part of her memories as well.

The person who appeared most frequently in her dreams was Yan Chen. Yan Chen was very committed to improving his Kung Fu. From her dreams, she could see that Yan Chen spent most of his time practicing almost every day. On the contrary, Lan Waihu was somewhat playful. Also, she was severely affected by Gu Xijiu's s sudden disappearance, so she became very insecure. She hoped that Yan Chen could spend more time with her.

However, whenever she went looking for Yan Chen, he would definitely be occupied in his practice. During his break, he would notice her standing aside and patiently waiting for him. Most of the time, he would call her out and invite her to join him. Usually, Yan Chen could spend up to two days meditating, and thus would complete neglect Lan Waihu. She joined him for a few times, but her level was, after all, below par, so she could not stay still for two days in a row. Every once in a while, she would move her body around.

Yan Chen would always catch her in moments like this, thinking that she made no effort to seek progress. He would teach her a lesson so sternly that she would often become very discouraged and low in spirits.

When Yan Chen was teaching her seriously, he sounded like a teacher. She would not dare to refute his arguments, even though she felt wronged. The more he reprimanded her, the more she felt that it was unfair to her. At one point, she finally realized that she was showing too much passion toward a cold person. Hence, she decided to hold back her urges and refused to see him for a few days. However, Yan Chen did not seem to notice her absence. No action was taken. He did not even go to see her.

Lan Waihu was even more depressed by his ignorance and decided not to care about him anymore, all the way until the Mid Autumn Festival.