The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1466

Chapter 1466: If Any One Ever Made Fun Of Her, He Would Respond With A Punch

The family would not easily show up. When they did, they would conceal their true identity and change their appearance into the form of a man before they wandered around in the mundane world. The people had only heard about the family from tales. None had seen them before.

When Gu Canmo was younger, he managed to make their acquaintance. He even owed the King of the Blue Fox a favor, so he could easily recognize the unique symbol that was worn by every one of his family members.

If Lan Yue were interested in entering Tianju Hall voluntarily, Gu Canmo would not reject his admittance. He even made an exception for him to skip the junior classes and join the intermediate batch. Coincidentally, he happened to be in Lan Waihu's class.

Although Lan Waihu had the same surname as him, she had nothing to do with his family. She was merely an adopted orphan in Yan Chen's family.

Her mother used to be the most beautiful woman in town. For a while, she went missing, and when she finally came back, she was already pregnant.

Getting pregnant before marriage remained a taboo in society. People judged her for being pregnant. Not long after she gave birth to Lan Waihu, she passed away without leaving any hint about the father. The only thing they knew was their family's name, so she was named Lan Waihu. Yan Chen's parents adopted her so that she could grow up together with Yan Chen.

There were many families with the same surname as Lan. The Blue Fox family was not the only one, so they did not suspect anything about Lan Waihu's true identity. They even made fun of her because her name contained the word 'Hu' (Fox). They accused her mother of being ambitious, saying that she only named her child 'Lan' because she wanted her to be related to the Blue Fox family.

Lan Waihu was a pure, innocent child. She was hurt by the burning satire and mean remarks, but there was nothing she could do. Luckily, she had Yan Chen to support her. He warned them, if any of them ever made fun of her, he would respond with a punch.

Yan Chen was different from Lan Waihu. He was the pride of the family. Moreover, he was born with a royal demeanor. Not only did he intimidate his classmates, but the adults would also pay their respect to him.

Under his unmoving protection, they finally stopped being mean to her. No one would ever mention a word about her family, or make fun of her.

For a few years, Lan Waihu had a peaceful time. However, this would soon change as Yan Chen entered Tianju Hall at the age of 13, as he had to leave his home. Without her personal guardian, the mean people returned with another wave of scornful remarks.

Luckily, Lan Waihu was quite a bright child. Even though she had no blood connection with Blue Fox family, she managed to join Tianju Hall three years after Yan Chen. They became even closer and thus forged a strong bond like what they had today.

After Lan Yue's admittance to Tianju Hall, Lan Waihu did not bother talking to him, as she was still bearing a grudge against him.

Lan Yue, on the other hand, was rather mean. He often teased her. She was mad at him, so she hoped that she could beat him up one day to feel avenged.

However, she was not at his level. If she fought recklessly, she would lose. She had to endure the sight of him every day in Tianju Hall. Driven by anger, she spent many sleepless nights because of him.

She went off in a fit and stopped talking to Yan Chen for many days. She did not even tell him about the unfortunate encounteras she did not expect Yan Chen to fight for her.

Qian Lingyu realized that something was wrong, so he decided to question her and found out the truth. Qian Lingyu had always treated Lan Waihu like his own kin. He was furious to see her being bullied and felt the need to take revenge on Lan Yue. Together, they made a plan to trick him by covering him in a black gunny sack and beating him up. But before their plan succeeded, Lan Yue was already aware of it.