The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1478

Chapter 1478: Once One Party Died, The Other Party Had To Be Buried Together

Lan Waihu was confused. Thus, Lan Yue decided to provide her with some general info about the Blue Fox family.

The most honorable man in the Blue Fox family was naturally the king of the Blue Fox tribe. However, the one who had the most power was the national master. He was equivalent to the role of the Pope, and he could nominate a candidate who was fit to be the king of Blue Fox tribe.

There were more females than males in the Blue Fox family, so they had an unwritten rule. The females from the Blue Fox family were permitted to marry outsiders, but the males from the Blue Fox family were not allowed to do so.

The Blue Fox family was strictly monogamous. They could only marry one person in their life. Once one party died, the other party had to be buried to ensure that the relationship remained.

The national master of the Blue Fox family had a unique status. He was supposed to marry the most distinguished princess from Blue Fox family. However, he accidentally fell in love with a woman from outside the tribe. That woman was none other than the mother of Lan Waihu.

National Master Lan occasionally traveled to the outside world, and it was during one of his trips that he met Lan Waihu's mother. It was love at first sight.

Of course, National Master Lan knew very well that everyone from the Blue Fox family would oppose their relationship. However, he possessed a great ability after all. He managed to change his beloved woman's descendants and made her look like a tribesman of the Blue Fox clan. He brought her back to the Blue Fox clan and successfully got married to her.

National Master Lan was able to recognize the babies gender even while Lan Waihu was pregnant. To ensure that his child would have a good future, he deliberately mentioned the engagement arrangement to the king of the Blue Fox clan. Lan Yue was only eight years old at that time, but he possessed extraordinary talents and showed promise. Therefore, he was given the title of 'Prince'. If everything turned out as planned, he would be the future king of the Blue Fox family.

The king of Blue Fox family agreed to the marriage arrangement and even held an engagement ceremony for both of the kids as he wanted to build a relationship with National Master Lan. And so, that was how Lan Waihu, who was still in her mother's stomach, and Lan Yue, who was still a kid, got engaged to each other. Both of them were branded with a distinctive mark symbolizing their engagement.

However, something happened after that, and the identity of Lan Waihu's mother was exposed. Their relationship was opposed by the Blue Fox family which caused the status of National Master Lan to be in jeopardy.

One silent night, Lan Waihu's mother decided to escape from the Blue Fox clan. No one heard from her after that, and no one knew her whereabouts.

National Master Lan inexplicably suffered from amnesia. He could not remember anything about Lan Waihu's mother, and no one mentioned her in front of him. He was still the most respected national master who worked under the king of the Blue Fox clan.

Up until a year ago, National Master Lan practiced to the extent that he was possessed by a devil. He was seriously injured, and before he died, he regained his memory of Lan Waihu's mother. Therefore, he summoned Lan Yue to his house and told him about her. He asked for Lan Yue's help to find his wife and daughter. He also secretly used his skill as the national master on Lan Yue. Lan Yue could only ascend the throne after he had found his daughter and brought her back to marry her as his wife. Otherwise, he would never be able to become the king of the Blue Fox clan.

Lan Yue felt like he was struck by lightning when he discovered about the engagement. He felt even angrier when National Master Lan trapped him with this promise. He asked National Master Lan, "Your daughter might already be someone else's wife, especially as it has been years. Even so, do you want me to steal her as my wife?"

National Master Lan explained. "If she is already married or has a lover, you can discuss with her regarding the dissolution of the marriage. This marriage arrangement will automatically be voided as long as the both of you are in agreement.If it ever comes to that extent, you will not be bounded by this promise anymore."

After the National Master had assigned the task to Lan Yue, he felt enlightened and passed away peacefully. He had left behind such a big mess for Lan Yue to clean up.

In order to ascend the throne as the king of Blue Fox clan, as well as to be a freeman, Lan Yue suppressed his anger and went looking for Lan Waihu.