The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1486

Chapter 1486: Self-Embarrassment (2)

Gu Xijiu was determined to press her hard, so Mrs. Yan had no escape. "About that" Suddenly, she changed her tone. "Seems like Miss Gu is trying to stand up for Waihu for her mistreatment. Nevermind, I will take it as my fault. I will personally apologize to Waihu, and we shall let the incident go."

Gu Xijiu gave her a sarcastic smile. "You can't answer? Is it because you are guilty? Is it really so hard to tell us what happened?"

Mrs. Yan remained quiet.

When Mrs. Yan first told them about the incidents, the crowd thought that it was entirely Lan Waihu's fault. They assumed that her reckless actions were because of Yan Chen, as he kept favoring her with endless tolerance. Seeing Mrs. Yan's reluctant response changed their minds about the assumption, as they gradually grew suspicious.

There was hardly any peace in Tianju Hall, as the people there often indulged in fighting for fun. Sometimes, they would even prank one another. However, if an outsider mistreated any of them, they would unite and be bound bycommon hatred against the same enemy.

Yan Chen was a respectable man amongst them. Hence, they would show due respect for his mother. However, if his mother purposely confused them, they would definitely stand up for Lan Waihu's justice.

Some of them started to request for the incident to be thoroughly discussed for everyone's sake.

Mrs. Yan did not expect the incident would become so elaborate. Her composure started to fade. "Is there anything so difficult to talk about? I don't want to embarrass anyone. Yan Chen and Waihu are brother and sister, after all. By the way, have you seen Yan Chen? Why isn't he here?"

She tried very hard to change the subject, but it did not work. A voice answered her from outside the hall. "I am here."

Yan Chen walked into the hall. On his way in, he greeted everyone he saw. Then, he turned to look at his mother, fixedly. "Mother, I would like to know the details of the whole incident. I hope you can tell it to everyone here today."

Mrs. Yan did not answer. She just looked at Yan Chen with pain in her eyes.

"About the incident, all of you carefully avoided mentioning it. When I asked mother about it, she would only blame herself and not tell me anything. Even the servants refused to utter a single word, but they kept blaming Waihu. When I went to see her, she already decided to break up with me. She refused to see me or even talk to me. I have been hiding my pain for two years. Therefore, I would like to make use of today's opportunity to clear things up once and for all. I need to get it off my chest."

Mrs. Yan expression became difficult to read. "Yan Chen, it has been so long. Moreover, you are about to be engaged with Wushuang. Talking about the past is inappropriate. I know that young people are full of vim and vigor, but it is not necessary for you to have to inquire the full details. Actually"

"There will not be any engagement!" Yan Chen thundered.

Everyone present was utterly surprised.

The whole purpose of Mrs. Yan and Leng Wushuang's presence was to send out the invitations. Why did Yan Chen suddenly declare that there was no wedding?

With a scornful look, Gu Xijiu crossed her arms as she awaited another drama. She gently touched the wedding invitation in her sleeves. There was one with Lan Waihu, too.

What drama was Yan Chen going to uncover?

Leng Wushuang's face turned pale. She wanted to say something but decided to swallow it.

Mrs. Yan was confused. "Yan Chen, why did you say that? You agreed to the wedding. Why are you going against it now?"

"How did you know that I agreed to it? I have never mentioned anything about it," answered Yan Chen.

"This Aren't you here in Tianju Hall to tell your seniors and juniors about it?"

"I have never told anyone from our family about me coming here. Who told you about it?" Yan Chen dismissed her question icily.