The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 149

Chapter 149: The Man Was Still There

The man raised his sleeve, the spilled ink flowed down as if it hit a screen.

A guard had picked up the ruckus and rushed towards it, his face was eventually blackened

The guard looked up angrily to find out who was the brute that liked to throw items around.

But he saw nothing. Nobody was on the tree, just an ink slab eerily floating in the air---

He flinched frightfully. Just as he was about to draw his saber to cut the ink slab, it fell swiftly and walloped his head.

The guard almost fell down from the hit. He grabbed the ink slab carelessly, but was afraid of the poison and smashed it on the ground. The ink slab shattered into four pieces

"Heh" A light mock blew past.

The guard stiffened up! He quickly looked up, but he saw nothing

What the hell?

The guard tensed up in fright, and just as he wanted to leap towards the tree to take a look, he panicked and could not make the jump.

"Wash your face; it is just ink. There's no poison in it." Gu Xijiu walked out of the house.

The guard sized her up to make sure she was safe, then apologized and left hastily.

His heart was pounding when he was running home.

That mock was still surrounding him. It was graceful and cold, just like chilled stream water that flowing amongst the rocks. Just as he found it alluring, he shivered subconsciously! And he almost knelt down!

It was as if the voice did not belong to a person, but rather a widely respected God

Gu Xijiu looked up to the tree - she saw nothing but could still sense the presence of that person!

This time, she did not make a move. She just stared at the tree for a moment, smirked a little bit, then returned to the house without saying anything.

The man in white still stood there, looking at Gu Xijius back. He winked a little, and appeared somewhat unpredictable.

Although the girl's kung fu was lousy, her sixth sense was unbelievably sharp!

Not even Long Siye could sense him, but the girl did! And she even threw an ink slab at him

He looked at the shattered ink slab on the ground. The grass beneath him was all blackened by the ink; not very appealing to look at.

He wiggled his fingers in his sleeves, as if he was trying to cast a spell, but had held that thought.

He turned around and disappeared.

Gu Xijiu stood beneath the tree for a while. This time she was sure that nobody was hiding in it.

Her personal maid Xiao Wu was holding a birdcage in her hand; the bird inside was bouncing and chirping around gleefully.

It was a tracking bird. Rumor had it that its seeking ability was even greater than that of a hunting hound. This bird was raised by Gu Xietian. He relied on it every time he was fighting a war and had won several battles because of it. He cherished it very much and had a servant take care of it.

If it was Gu Xijiu in the past, he would not even let her look at it, let alone borrow it.

But this time, when she called out the butler, he took out the bird without hesitation.

The butler said that the general allowed her to use anything inside this house.

Gu Xijiu learned how to use this bird before she took the cage and flew to the tree.

She recalled the approximate location of that man, opened the cage, then pointed at the tree branches and instructed, "Take in the scent around there - lets see who left it."

The bird flew out, circled around the branches before flying back. It chirped at Gu Xijiu.