The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 1501

Chapter 1501: A Sudden Change On The Execution Ground (4)

If their angry eyes could kill, Celestial Master Zuo would be long dead. Celestial Master Zuo swept his eyes across the people, whose lives he disregarded. Their anger was nothing to him. He signaled the executioners to carry out the sentence.

All the prisoners' clothes had been ripped off. The executioners took out their well-sharpened daggers and were ready to cut. Depressed, Gu Xietian closed his eyes with complete loss of hope.

"Bang!" There was a sudden thundering sound. A powerful force had shattered the roof of the plaza into pieces, forming a hole. Some men entered.

These men moved swiftly. Before the people could react, the men were already surrounding the stage in a circle. In the glimpse of an eye, the daggers in the hands of the executioners disappeared almost instantly. The men moved so quickly; people could barely get hold of their silhouettes.

The guards who stood by Celestial Master Zuo and Fairy Queen Li were armed. They surrounded both of them quickly and warned the intruders. "Who are you?"

"Celestial Master Zuo is here!"

Both the intruders and the guards remained in a deadlock.

Utterly shocked, the bystanders held their breaths in disbelief.

In fact, all of them secretly hoped that some hero would emerge to save Gu Xietian and his entire family from their death sentence. However, they were not very hopeful about the idea, as no one would have the courage to go against Celestial Master Zuo, who had personally attended to see the execution. They did not expect that these men would emerge at the very last minute.

Also, these men seemed to be highly skilled. They moved quickly and came to an abrupt stop. They stood tall, so people could finally recognize them.

"These men are from Tianju Hall! They are from Tianju Hall!" Some people shouted.

Their entry was like a bomb, igniting people's hope.

Tianju Hall was the most prestigious school on the entire continent. Even a servant from Tianju Hall would be regarded as a celestial being in the eyes of the common people, let alone the principal of Tianju Hall, Gu Canmo. He was the leader of the men who had just broken in.

Gu Canmo made his visits to the Feixing Kingdom a few years ago, so some people could still recognize him. They called out his name loudly.

The men from Tianju Hall would not usually obey Celestial Master Zuo's commands. Seeing them gave people a sense of hope.

All eyes were on Gu Canmo and his men. There were 12 of them who came with Gu Canmo, including the elites, the guardians, and even the elder custodians. They came in full strength.

Gu Xietian was shocked. He looked at Gu Canmo and his men fixedly in disbelief. He certainly did not expect that the men of Tianju Hall would stand up for him.

He was a very well known general in the Feixing Kingdom, but to these men from Tianju Hall, he was probably a nobody. They had barely even met.

Was it because of Xijiu? Were they here because of Xijiu?A strong flame of excitement filled his heart. At the same time, he fell into a contradictive state of mind.

He had not got any news from his daughter for the past eight years. He was not even sure if she was still alive. Certainly, he did not hope for much. Throughout the years, she remained as his heartache.

Seeing the men from Tianju Hall reminded him of his daughter. Tears filled his eyes. He knew that Gu Xijiu had a great time in Tianju Hall eight years ago, but he did not know that her fellowship with these men was so good that Gu Canmo and his followers would risk all their lives at the execution ground today, taking their part in a matter of life and death.

However, being a man of experience and insight, Gu Xietian had been in the world long enough to know that his hopeless situation would not be greatly improved.