The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 153

Chapter 153: She Is Not The Murderer!

Gu Xijiu slid down the backrest, and the beam of light penetrated the door and shone toward her direction. The entire roof of the sedan chair seemed to be thrown up into the air.

Everything happened too quickly that only the bearers reacted to the incident, "Assassin! Protect the lady!" All the royal bearers were familiar with martial arts, and although they were panicked, they still managed to carry the sedan chair and run.

It was chaotic outside, and it seemed like the assassin did not want to stop his pursuit. He even attacked Gu Xijiu with hidden weapons. Luckily, the bearers were quite skilled in martial arts and were able to avoid the hidden weapons. However, the bearers could not follow their planned emergency routine anymore due to the fierce attack.

They were initially moving towards the royal study room, but they now went into a dead end street. "I can't believe there are assassins in the palace!" The Firmament Stone was surprised!

Gu Xijiu held the handles of the chair tightly. She looked a bit panicked and shocked, but she replied calmly, "Another test!" The Firmament Stone remained silent.

"What now?" The bearers asked.

"Just go with the flow." Gu Xijiu replied.

An assassin dived down from the wall and pointed his sword at the sedan chair. The sword was glowing and had a blue tone to it. Gu Xijiu suspected that poison was placed on the blade of the sword and the unlucky person to get attacked by it would die immediately. Everyone was shocked.

After some commotion, the sword eventually scraped her arm, and her sleeve was torn. She was injured, and the blood that oozed out from her wound was blue! She was poisoned! The sword of the assassin who struck her was stuck under the sedan chair, and Gu Xijiu quickly took out her short knife to try to stab assassin's heart. However, the assassin managed to avoid her attack and finally retrieved the sword out from the sedan chair.

He pointed to Gu Xijiu again and continued to attack. The sedan chair was too small for her to escape, so she decided to get off from the chair. At this point, more than 10 assassins were attacking her. However, there were only four bearers, and two of them were already dead. The remaining two were struggling to survive, and they knew they could not save Gu Xijiu.

As one of the bearers noticed her leap out of the sedan chair, he immediately shouted, "Miss Gu, run leftwards! There are royal army members there to help you."

Gu Xijiu quickly ran in the said direction, and the assassins were chasing after her. The two bearers blocked them, but one of the assassins managed to escape! It was chaotic with the sound of weapons clashing against each other followed by loud noises and screams. A few people were standing somewhere on top of the basilica watching the fight scene unfold.

A few pairs of eyes were watching Gu Xijiu and carefully observed every single movement of hers. One of them shook his head and said, "Given that she was in such a critical moment, her martial arts is pretty lousy. Based on her movements, her spirit power would be only around level two, and Count Le Hua was way better than that!"

Another person said, "You're right, it's impossible for her to kill Count Le Hua. She is not the murderer! Your Majesty, I feel she is innocent." The third person gave a verdict.

A man wearing a yellow robe was surrounded by the three people, and that was the Emperor. He nodded and said, "I don't think she is the murderer either.