The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Trying To Trick You

His Majesty nodded and said, "I dont think shes the murderer either."

He turned around and asked the Chief General of the royal army, "Are your people reliable? Make sure that Miss Gu is unhurt."

The Chief General bent down and said, "Your Majesty, they are all reliable people. They wont hurt her even though they look deadly. Custodian Li had only gently sliced her skin earlier. The drug is not poisonous and is an exorcism drug."

The Emperor turned around and asked a man in a blue robe, "Custodian Huo, is the drug only harmful toward people who had been invaded by spirits?"

Custodian Huo bent his body slightly and said, "Dont worry, Your Majesty. The drug wont hurt her if she is just an ordinary lady."

Mr. Huo was the custodian of the Jiuxing clan as well as the celestial uncle of Gu Tianchao. He had excellent spirit power, and he was expert in exorcism. Due to this, he was well known in the Starry Crescent Land.

When Gu Tianchao's mentor received the news from him, he found it very dangerous and informed Custodian Huo that he suspected Gu Xijiu was possessed by a particular evil spirit... Custodian Huo hated evil spirits, and he never let any devils he encountered escape freely. Hence, he wanted to find out for himself.

The exorcism drug was one of his talismans, and if someone got possessed by an evil spirit, their body would harden like a mummy and eventually they would be paralyzed.

The Emperor was watching Gu Xijiu who was running around to escape. Although she did not have any spiritual power, she was agile! His Majesty exhaled a sigh of relief and said, "Now we can see that she is just herself and not an evil spirit, right?"

Custodian Huo looked at Gu Xijiu and said, "Its a severe thing, please be patient, Your Majesty. Lets see how she reacts in the Jiuxing matrix later."


The end of the alley was a basilica with its door ajar. Gu Xijiu was in a hurry and entered the basilica as she did not have any other option. The layout in the basilica looked strange as there were many layers of yellow cloths with weird patterns on them. It seemed like a Sanskrit script. There was also a censer placed on a big piece of green jade at the center of the basilica.

Suddenly, loud noises were heard from the outside. The royal army had arrived. They were shouting and fighting with the assassins.

No one had followed her since she entered the basilica.

She quickly headed into the layers of yellow cloths and landed on the green jade floor. But before she could even stabilize herself, the floor was tremoring, and there were nine pillars rising from the ground.

Gu Xijiu seemed to have been frightened and looked to her left and right curiously. She did not appear to do much after the pillars rose from the ground, but she did them. She pretended to be curious, but she was laughing sarcastically in her heart.

She had seen such matrix before which was usually used for exorcism.

It was at this point that she realized that the Emperor had suspected her of being a murderer and tried to test her.

This method was handy for exorcism, but she was not a demon. She was someone with superpowers. Also, the grievance of the real Gu Xijiu had gone and she now fully owned the body. She would be safe even if she enters the matrix.

"Master, luckily you have gotten revenge for the owner. If she were still grieving, you'd be trapped in the Jiuxing matrix and lose your life here! These human beings are so fake. They treated you nicely in front but are also trying to trick you from behind." The Firmament Stone sighed.