The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 157

Chapter 157: How Could A Child Be So Daring?

The Emperor felt relieved, but he wondered how a child could be so daring.

Although he knew that she was not possessed by demons, the Emperor still felt confused.

Witnessing the naive and curious side of Gu Xijiu made him slightly relieved. In fact, he was happy. It was difficult to find a talented person, and it was even more challenging to find one that was not possessed by evil spirits.

The Emperor cleared his throat and spoke, "Xijiu, it is a blessing to us that youre fine. Lets go! We are headed to Basilica Baohe. Ive something to talk to you."

To show his concern, the Emperor held her hand and walked.

That was a blessing from the Emperor, and Gu Xijiu did not reject it. However, just as they were leaving, Gu Xijiu tripped and crashed into a pillar. Fortunately, she reacted quite quickly and hugged the pillar! The pillar was shaking and almost fell.

"Watch out!" Custodian Huo quickly rushed forward and supported his precious pillar.

Although it was not that fragile, it was precious! It would be considered a disaster if anything happened to the pillars. Custodian Huo only aimed for the pillar but forgot about the person who knocked it. Gu Xijiu fell into his arms.

Custodian Huo was shocked as he had never been so close to a woman. He was an emotionless person so all the female students in the clan would keep a distance from him whenever they saw him.

That was the first time a female was in his arms. To make things worse, Gu Xijiu's head was cushioned in his chest! At that moment, a hairpin fell off from her hair and poked his chest. Despite only being a hairpin, Custodian Huo felt a stinging pain in his chest and subconsciously tried to push Gu Xijiu away. Fortunately, the Emperor grabbed Custodian Huo's wrist just before he did and said, "Huo, she is just a kid."

He pulled Gu Xijiu close to him and said, "Be careful." The Emperor wanted to avoid any other incidents, so he quickly left with Gu Xijiu. The basilica had finally returned to its peaceful state.

Custodian Huo sighed as it was the time he had to keep the pillars and remove the Jiuxing matrix. His chest was itchy after keeping two of the pillars, and he started to scratch it a little. He ignored the sensation and continued to keep the other pillars, but the itchiness was overwhelming! He was frustrated and accidentally dropped the pillar on the ground!

Upon picking up the pillar, Custodian Huo was shocked to find numerous cracks on it.


The Emperor was still holding her hand when he got into the royal chariot. Gu Xijiu was hesitant, but the Emperor told her gently, "Xijiu, dont worry. Youre just like my daughter, come and talk to me."

Gu Xijiu was always on alert, and she did not like people to hold her hand. Even when she was with Long Xi in the modern world, they hardly had any physical contact. Her favorite thing was to watch Long Xi prepare tea, and she enjoyed the tea he made for her.

However, in the current world, her tiny hand was engulfed by the Emperors big hand. Although it felt warm, she felt annoyed. She tried her best to endure and suppress her external abilities so that she would not struggle out from the Emperors hand.

The Emperor was relatively good at martial arts, so the only way for Gu Xijiu to escape was to kick His Majesty out of the royal chariot!