The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Im Not Here For Her

Gu Xijiu sighed and said, "Why would you want to force me? Ive told you, I dont like any tea."

She would never drink anything offered by him.

She has forced herself to like tea in the previous life, but now, she did not find it necessary anymore.

The Emperor was worried that Long Siye would poison her with the tea and asked, "Who has the cure for this poison?"

He coughed and said, "Overlord, are you here for Gu Xixi? Her medical knowledge is excellent, and it was probably an accident that she lost the bet. Anyway, it's a very common thing." He was trying to hint Long Siye to avoid getting Gu Xijiu into trouble.

Unexpectedly, Long Siye interrupted his words and said, "Its not necessary to cover her flaws, I didnt come for her."

"So, youre here for?"

"Im here for her!" Long Siye said as he was holding Gu Xijius hand.

Gu Xijiu was stunned!

She was alert, so she twisted her wrist and tried to escape from his grasps!

He quickly tightened his fingers and locked her hand in his palm. He looked at her and asked, "Who taught you this skill?"

In her previous life, all her martial arts were taught by him. Hence, he was very familiar with all the kung fu she knew. However, he realized he had not seen this martial art before, so he thought to himself, "Who was her mentor!?"

Gu Xijiu frowned as she looked at him. She acted surprised and said, "I dont get what you are saying, Overlord. It doesnt seem to be relevant to you, right?" She moved her gaze to their hands which were locked to each other. "Overlord, its inappropriate for us to have physical contact. Let go of my hand, please!"

If she could beat him, she would have slapped him on his face! It was unnecessary to talk so much crap with him!

The Emperor felt more worried as he looked at their interaction. "Overlord Long, Xijiu is still young. Its inappropriate for you to hold her hands like this"

"Im checking her pulse." Long Siye replied.

Everyones eyes were opened widely. Whispers could be heard, "The Overlord came here just to check her pulse!? That is unbelievable!"

Every female in the basilica would be jealous! The girl who used to get bullied has got her luck back! Not only were princes helping her, but even the Emperor was also trying to protect her. And now, the respectful Overlord paid a special visit just to check her pulse! She was such a lucky girl!

Gu Xijiu remained silent as she observed his fair fingers pressed on her wrist. A moment later, he let go of her wrist and touched her face. Gu Xijiu did not avoid him this time. He was feeling her red birthmark, inch by inch, and it seemed that he was trying to sense something.

He withdrew his hand and looked at her, "Did you get this birthmark since you were three years old?"

"Yes." Gu Xietian quickly answered before Gu Xijiu finished her words, "Overlord, do you think this can be cured?" Gu Xietian was delighted! "Please help her, Overlord."

"Ill help her, with one condition." Long Siye said.