The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Are You Unwilling To Have Me As Your Master?

At this point, the Emperor almost thought that Overlord Long was a spy sent by other kingdoms to hunt for talents!

"Overlord Long, it would be an honor for her as well the Feixing Kingdom for you to have her as your guest at Tianwen. But because she claimed to have received this gift from heaven, she must wait for Celestial Master Zuo to verify her. After the verification, you can invite her." The Emperor was trying anything he could to keep Gu Xijiu a while longer.

Long Siye looked at Gu Xijiu. She looked calm and did not struggle. It seemed as if she was willing to go with him. This made him disappointed. Was she acting? Or did he make a mistake?

He replied the Emperor with a facial expression that suggested that he would think about it and then he spoke to Gu Xijiu, "Xijiu, lets discuss this outside."

The Emperor was shocked because Overlord Long sounded like he wanted to take Gu Xijiu away! Long Siye was famously known for holding his attacks even though he was challenged. However, when he did attack, it was catastrophic!

There was hearsay that a famous gang leader was severely injured to the point where he was about to die. Therefore, he ordered his gang to kidnap a disciple of the Tianwen clan to see him. Because he was not healed, the disciple was killed and hanged on top of a public tower by the other gang members.

This action disturbed Overlord Long who entered into the gang's headquarters alone and calmly took down the body of his disciple while surrounded by many killers. After that, he killed every single person in the gang.

He single-handedly took down the entire group which had a hundred-year history. They were now extinct from the Starry Crescent Land.

Since that day, the people of this Starry Crescent Land knew that Overlord Long was not only skilled in medicinal skills but also in kung fu. Hence, he was no longer easily provoked!

If he could wipe out an entire gang of killers alone, how could the guards of this palace stop him when he insisted on taking Gu Xijiu away? Apparently, the palace guards who had heard about Long Siye were scared and nervous even though they were blocking his way.

Long Siyes cold pair of eyes were scanning the crowd before he finally stopped in front of the Emperor. He then asked indifferently, "Your Majesty, do you think that your people can block my way? I dont want to kill anybody today. I just want to bring her away for a year, and its up to her where she wants to go after that." He was still holding Gu Xijiu in his left arm but revealed a light green jade plate with his right hand, "If you let us go, this jade plate is yours."

The Emperor was attracted by the offer because he recognized that the plate was a Tianwen token. The possessor could request for the Tianwen Overlords help regardless of the type of trouble with no strings attached!

This jade plate was so rare, and the Emperor was moved!

"Are you sure that youll keep her for only a year?" The Emperor tried to ask in a calm tone.

"Yes!" Long Siye replied.

"And youll heal the patch on her face?" The Emperor clarified again.

"Yes." Long Siye's short replies indicated he was in a hurry to leave.

"Good, Ill believe you this time." The Emperor signaled the palace guards to clear the way.

As those palace guards were forced to block him against their will, they were relieved when they saw the hand signal and immediately they stood aside.

Gu Xijiu did not expect that he would be so influential to the point that he could bring her out of the palace without any fight. It seemed that he was doing very well in this world!

But why would he insist on bringing her out? Was it because he was unhappy that she killed him in his previous life and thus, he wanted to kill her again? Or was it because he was curious how she successfully attached herself to another person's body and wanted to have her for medicinal research?

Gu Xijiu kept her eyes peeled because she used to love him in her previous life and was cheated on by him so that he could take out her heart. Therefore, she would not want that to happen again!