The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 168

Chapter 168: At Least A Pair Of Twins!

Gu Xijiu wanted to scream because she could not escape though she wanted to. She could no longer use her teleportation power as it would reveal her true identity.

Although Celestial Master Zou's ship seemed like it was moving rather slowly, it was traveling very quickly. When Gu Xijiu first saw it, it was still around two miles away, but it had already stopped above the palace when she turned her head again.

A piece of red silk carpet was thrown from the ship towards the entrance of the palace and was nicely laid out in front of the entrance to the palace.

The man in purple leisurely stepped out of the floating ship and slowly came down along the red silk path. The nature of the red silk was that it was so light that a bird could not stand on it! But magically Celestial Master Zuo walked on it!

His movements were so elegant, mysterious and graceful that it was almost similar to a god's. The people present were looking at him like he was a god because they could not do it. Therefore, they were willing to worship him.

Long Siye stood there and did not move. His hand which was held Gu Xijiu's became colder, and he grasped tighter.

Celestial Master Zuo finally landed on the ground right at the end of the red silk path. The waving purple robe fluttered on his body, and Gu Xijiu finally got to see him. At that particular moment, she was shocked!

"The beautiful princess!" The face of this man was surprisingly about eighty to ninety percent similar to the princess Gu Xijiu met at the hot spring! What differed was that the princess was as pure as water and as obedient as a cat.

"Was he that beautiful princess? He couldn't be, right? Or he was the brother of that beautiful princess? Were they twins?" Gu Xijiu had so many questions in her head. The Celestial Master seemed to have sensed Gu Xijiu's staring as he suddenly looked towards her.

Gu Xijiu broke out in cold sweat as she felt that his sight was so piercing that it could penetrate through Long Siye who was in front of her. She tried to look calm and continued to observe this charming person.

Her focus suddenly drifted to the forehead of that man where she saw a jewel which was as red as fire and shaped like the eyes of a fox glistening under the sunlight.

Gu Xijiu's heart skipped a bit at that moment! She had seen that jewel on the forehead of that beautiful princess too! It was identical! She then drifted to the long hair of that person, and she felt that she was even more surprised at the length of his hair which seemed to be similar too! The only difference should be their height.

That beautiful princess was about 1.78m tall while Celestial Master Zuo was around 1.85m tall! "Darn it, was this the beautiful princess? If he wasn't, he must be closely related to that princess. At least twins!

Celestial Master Zuo finally glanced at Long Siye, "Oh, Overlord Long! You are here too!"

Long Siye waved at him, "Palace Master Di, how are you doing? It has been a few years now, and you are still as good looking as before."