The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Otherwise, She Would Have Escaped!

Rong Chu was very nervous that he sweated profusely and immediately bowed and said, "No, I dare not! I, Rong Chu, definitely did not mean it!"

Di Fuyi frowned and with the same indifferent voice, he said, "What do you mean by you dont mean it? Do you think that you are yet to be qualified as an emperor?"

Rong Chu, "" He did not know what to reply anymore!

Even though the court officials knew that he wanted to be an emperor and could do so too, he could not confess as he was not making any moves yet. However, if he directly denied, he would lose his qualification to ascend the throne!

Therefore, regardless of his answer, it would be still wrong. As Celestial Master Zuo easily trapped him with only a few words, his sweat would soon fill a swimming pool if nothing was done to help him.

After pausing for a moment, he suddenly knelt down on the floor and kowtowed at Celestial Master Zuo, "Celestial Master... I know Im wrong! Please forgive me."

Celestial Master Zuo smiled at him but did not say anything. Hence, Rong Chu could only keep kowtowing. After about a hundred bows, Rong Chu's forehead was bleeding to the point that his face was covered with blood. Di Fuyi smiled and said, "Fourth Prince, I did not say that I was mad. Are you trying to disgust me with your bloodily face?"

Rong Chu, "" He could only stand up and bow again, "My bad. If you can excuse me."

Celestial Master Zuo no longer said anything, and Rong Chu quickly withdrew himself as if he was chased after by an evil spirit!

It was at this moment that Gu Xijiu witnessed the real power and strength of this Celestial Master. Though his status in the Feixing Kingdom was only marginally higher than Celestial Master You's, Rong Chu was not as afraid as when he was with Celestial Master You!

"You can still make it if you teleport now." Long Siye's voice entered Gu Xijiu's mind. "I can block him for a while. Get out of the city immediately and wait for me at the west of the forest. I know you hate me, but its not the time for you to be stupid."

Gu Xijiu pursed her lips and acted like she did not hear of it. Meanwhile, she smiled bitterly within her because she could not teleport at all for the time being. Otherwise, she would have escaped! She had neither spirit power nor internal power to talk to him via directed audio, this she just kept silent.

"Gu Xijiu" Celestial Master Zuo suddenly called Gu Xijiu with his clear voice.

Gu Xijiu subconsciously raised her head and saw Celestial Master Zuo smile charmingly and said dreamily, "Now, its your turn."

He reached out his hand and invited her, "Come here."

His palm was very fair which made it look like the end product of a carved white jade, and his fingernails were pinkish. However, it seemed incredibly delicate! The question was, "Is this delicate hand going to send her to heaven? Or to hell?" It seemed that the probability was higher for him to push her into hell! But she could no longer escape. Her eyes glistened, and she walked a step forward but not to his side. She looked at him from a distance and said, "Palace Master, I think that you are familiar"

Di Fuyi frowned and looked at her with a smile, "Oh?"

"I think I offended you not long ago" Gu Xijiu sighed.

With her words, she shocked almost everyone!

Di Fuyi was still smiling, "How did you do that?"

Gu Xijiu looked at him again but this time indirectly, "Palace master, have you forgotten?" She emphasized the words palace master on purpose.