The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Started Facing Her Gloomy Life

She could disappear and change her identity again to survive on this big land... But what had happened to her teleportation powers? She attempted to use the Teleport Technique but she still failed to use it again. Was she doomed?

She secretly took a deep breath and dejectedly started to accept her fate. When she opened her eyes, all she saw was glistening eyes! This pair of eyes were as dark as obsidian and narrowly long and deep; together with the fox-eye jewel accessory, his stare made peoples hearts pump faster!

Gu Xijiu felt uneasy at the sight of these penetrating eyes that she became more vigilant.

"If this is the case, lets go." Di Fuyi turned his body leisurely and spoke.

He took two steps forward and suddenly stopped. He turned sideways to look at Gu Xijiu and saw her holdings hands with Long Siye. With the same cold and indifferent voice, he asked, "Long Siye, are you taking her with you?"

Long Siye was stunned as he knew that he had to be neutral if he were to be a testing assistant. After he squeezed her hand gently as if to reassure her, he released Gu Xijiu's hand and said indifferently, "It does not matter to me who brings her there."

With a vague smile, Di Fuyi took a glance at him before he shifted his focus back to Gu Xijiu, "Sixth Gu Daughter, who would you prefer?"

Gu Xijiu frowned before saying, "Ill go myself!" She did not see the need to be taken.

Di Fuyi smiled and shook his head, "No, no way! What if you felt guilty and tried to escape?"

Gu Xijiu, "" She had thought of it. She could not admit it now but raised her eyebrow when looking at him and said, "Palace master, what do you think should be done then?"

Di Fuyi flicked his sleeves and a dim white light flashed. Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu tripped while moving forward and when she attempted to stabilize her body, her wrist was grasped and a heavenly voice rang by her ear, "I think Ill bring you myself."

Being right next to him, she finally smelled his familiar fragrance and was slightly stunned! He smelled just like beautiful princess! Even if they were twins, it would be very unlikely that they would like the same fragrance! What more now that they were of different genders!

At this point, she felt confident that this person in front of her was the same as that person at that pool! Did this man have a transvestism disorder? How could he act so well as a woman to bamboozle her?

She looked at the hand holding her and then looked further down to his private part. Gu Xijiu suddenly felt sick! At the pool, it seemed that she was at advantage but she actually was not! Gu Xijiu had an urge to kick him away but unfortunately her kungfu and status were no match to his so she could only swallow her anger. Fortunately, she was in disguise. Hence, he probably could not recognise her. Otherwise, she would want to bang her head into a wall!

She wondered how the current Celestial Master Zuo had an appearance that differed from the one at the pool. Though he was holding one of her wrists, he looked like he was holding a block of wood and he even put a white silk tidily as a cushion between his palm and her wrist. Did he feel that she was dirty? Or did he feel that it was inappropriate for him to touch her?