The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 174

Chapter 174: This Man Is a Pervert

Gu Xijiu seriously doubted that he felt that she was dirty!

Being so close to Celestial Master Zuo, she realized that he was exceptionally well-groomed. His dark hair was tied loosely with jade stones, and although the end of his hair had almost reached his ankles, his long hair was as neat and smooth as satin.

The purple robe he donned was fluttering but without a single wrinkle; the snowy-white inner robe was slightly loose but in an artistic fashion! She could see that he had an obsession with cleanliness.

As Gu Xijiu used to be a killer, so it was second-nature for her to profile people. Even at such a critical moment, her brain automatically worked its magic to give her information.

"Master, I think you should work on figuring out how to escape rather than spend time analyzing this handsome male." The Firmament Stone's voice rang in her mind.

"What do you know?" Gu Xijiu pursed her lips as she replied. She then continued, "Knowing your opponent and yourself ensures victory! Understanding his character can help me identify his flaws and look for an opportunity to live."

"Since you have done your analyzing, have you found your gleam of opportunity to live?"

"This man is a pervert so he should have his flaws. Please let me think."

"Yes, this man is a two-faced pervert! We shouldnt provoke this type of person. Alright, master, all the best! I believe you will survive with the wisdom you have!"

"Little Cang, you have reminded me of my talent in my previous life. It should be possible to make it out of this!" Gu Xijiu praised the Firmament Stone, after all, they were communicating using telepathic powers, and nobody else could hear.

Gu Xijiu was not paying attention to her surroundings as she exchanged chatter with the Firmament Stone. She crashed into Di Fuyi's back, and her nose was hurt!

"Wehh, you" Gu Xijiu covered her nose and raised her head. Only then had she realized that she was already outside the hall. Meanwhile, Di Fuyi had stopped because he was looking at his ship.

Oddly enough, that ship did not have wings or any form of propellers or jets to lift it up. It defied the laws of Physics and could unbelievably float in the air.

"Come up with me!" Di Fuyi ordered, and without looking at her, he launched himself towards the ship.

Gu Xijiu stood on the ground and looked upward. Was this the first test? Letting her jump up into the ship?

The ship was floating high above the ground. It was easily about eight floors in height! With her current physical condition, she could never hop into it!

If she could use her Teleport Technique, she would be able to do it. But that unique ability suddenly disappeared. She was thinking of what to say, but unexpectedly, a dim white light flashed through the sky and entangled her!

Gu Xijiu subconsciously dodged but her legs could not respond quickly enough, and it felt as if they were pricked by some sharp needles. Soon, her waist was tightened, and an intense energy pulled her up.

Like a kite, Gu Xijiu was pulled up into the ship. Meanwhile, a flash of light was approaching her palm. She subconsciously tried to dodge it but all of a sudden, with a light sound, that white light was cut by the knife in Di Fuyi's hand, and part of it fluttered down to the ground while the other part stayed floating in the air.