The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 177

Chapter 177: The Little Girl Was Indeed Cunning!

Was he testing her?! Gu Xijiu looked at the piece of drawing again and then looked at Celestial Master Zuo. With an appropriate surprised expression, she said, "This person looks like you, Celestial Master! Is this a self-portrait?"

Di Fuyi frowned and looked at her with a faint smile, "Do you think that I painted myself? Do we look alike?"

Gu Xijiu sighed before saying, "Frankly, the temperament seems different despite you looking the same. Is he your twin brother?"

Di Fuyi laughed but did not reply her question directly, "Have you seen him before?"

This time, Gu Xijiu admitted, "Yes, Ive seen him before!"


Gu Xijiu folded her arms and asked, "Is this related to the verification?"

"You just need to answer my question."

Gu Xijiu laughed rather enchantingly and said, "Celestial Master Zuo should only have the authority to test if I received a heavenly gift. If you arent clarifying, then Im sorry, but Im not going to tell."

This little girl was indeed cunning!

Di Fuyi was a slightly put aback by this little girl's attitude and replied, "Its indeed related to the verification."

"Seen him in a dream."

Di Fuyi took a glance at her, and with a faint smile, he asked, "In a dream? In his dream or your dream?"

Gu Xijiu replied calmly, "Of course, its my dream."

"Oh, so it was your dream..." His tone had changed. He continued, "What did you do to him in your dream?" Di Fuyi's tone sounded like he was looking for justice for the jade statue. It was as if Celestial Master Zuo was the owner of that jade statue! Had he found out that she had stripped the clothes off that jade statue and thus wanted to get revenge? Or was this all a test? She had only stripped off its clothes. Was it worth getting revenge for? Unless... Did the clothes of that jade statue possess its powers and hence prevented it from working correctly? She certainly did not notice anything enchanted about it.

Gu Xijiu continued sitting there while her brain had extrapolated a series of questions.

"Why arent you speaking? Feeling guilty?" Di Fuyi tapped on the drawing board again and asked.

"Haha, what can I do to it? It was just a dream, and I cant recall the details." Gu Xijiu replied vaguely.

"You must not be careless about any part of this verification process. Especially since you are fully aware of the consequences." Di Fuyi said coldly.

Gu Xijiu sighed, "Then, please do let me recall carefully."

Di Fuyi laughed and then stopped talking altogether. With a wave of his hand, the drawing on the board had instantly become dust and disappeared. Later, he closed his eyes for a quick rest.

Gu Xijiu was speechless, ""

"Little Cang, who is the jade statue in the drawing? Is he Celestial Master Zuos brother? Or did he paint himself?" Gu Xijiu asked the omniscient Firmament Stone in her heart.

The Firmament Stone seemed to have died and did not reply.

"Hey, dont tell me youre dead because your energy has run out!" Gu Xijiu tapped on the bracelet on her wrist again to wake it up.

The Firmament Stone was still not responding.

Bastard, how could you fail at such a critical moment!?

"Celestial Master Zuo, how many procedures are they for this verification process?" Gu Xijiu when straight to the point.

"Are you afraid now?" Di Fuyi opened his eyes again to look at her, and his focus seemed to scan the bracelet on her wrist inadvertently.