The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Are All Of You Not Eating Well Today?

Since Gu Xijiu was face-to-face with life or death, it was normal for her to be nervous even if she had a sharp mind.

She had thought of asking the Firmament Stone about the verification process in detail, but this bastard had been playing dead, and Celestial Master Zuo did not want to answer her directly. She was on her own.

There were a lot of things on Di Fuyis ship, and Gu Xijiu guessed that he had everything he needed here. Suddenly, he pressed on the table beside him, and the table top unexpectedly ruptured silently. In it, there was a bowl of whitish soup with a sweet smell.

Gu Xijiu's heart missed a beat again. Di Fuyi flicked his sleeve, and that bowl of soup flew towards Gu Xijiu. As it flew towards her, he said warmly, "Papaya soup is good. It can keep people calm and reduce nervousness."

Then, he paused and looked at her chest, "I heard that it also has a special function which girls would appreciate. And that suits you. Have a bowl."

Gu Xijiu held the bowl of soup like she was holding a tricky question. The last statement Celestial Master said about her breasts made her want to slap his handsome face!

She no longer doubted that this valiant Celestial Master was the beautiful princess at the pool. It would seem that he acted to be cute! What an actor! And, pervert!

She only wondered, how he could recognize her as she had disguised herself that day. Was the hearsay about him being omniscient true? Meanwhile, the ship started moving. It was somewhat stable for a ship, but that is probably because it was in the sky.

The four young gentlemen who were paddling and the four young girls who were sprinkling blue ribbons were all proficient at their tasks. They were also very professional. Since Gu Xijiu boarded the ship, they did not even look at her. It was evident that they were well-trained.

Gu Xijiu suddenly heard a sound come from beside her, so she turned her head and saw Celestial Master You (a.k.a. Tian Jiyue) standing on the back of his pet, Golden Eyes Eagle, as he flew past the ship. His fluttering black robe almost swept through one of the paddling youths.

Gu Xijiu unintentionally looked to the back and saw Long Siye standing on the end of a crane. He was about to catch up with them.

"Are all of you not eating well today?" The Celestial Master Zuo suddenly spoke coldly while tapping on the side of the ship. The four young gentlemen and ladies were shocked by his question but tried to remain positive.

The ship was suddenly accelerated and whistled past Celestial Master You! The fierce wind almost tore his robe. At such a speed on an uncovered ship, the wind was powerful which made the ship bumpy too. Gu Xijiu felt as if she were on a little boat in the middle of a typhoon surrounded with roaring waves that threw the small boat up and down. The strong wind also made it difficult for her to open her eyes. The feeling was overwhelming!

The body of the ship suddenly came to a halt, and Gu Xijiu's fragile body was flipped by the sheer inertial force that she endured as she was almost thrown off the ship! The ship was traveling thousands of meters above sea level at the moment. Hence, she would become meatloaf if she were thrown out!

During an emergency, she would typically grab hold of something soft and desperately hold on. However, that soft thing shooked vigorously and felt as if it would break anytime. She quickly released it, and her body moved forward along with force and hit something else which she immediately hugged desperately.