The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Little Xijiu, You Better Help Yourself

At that moment, the cheering voices of the public halted, and the entire public square became silent. Gu Xijiu looked downwards and saw lots of bright eyes filled with surprise as the whispered and gossiped in disbelief. Despite wanting to keep a low-profile, she did quite the opposite!

She could not help but turn and look at Di Fuyi who had a grimaced mask on his face already. It seemed that Celestial Master Zuo did not want the public to know his face. She looked again at both Celestial Master You and Long Siye and they both had masks on their faces too.

Celestial Master You's mask was black and matched his black colored robe. Meanwhile, Long Siye was wearing a green-curtained hat with a light green veil which covered his handsome face. It seemed that the common theme here was for important people to be mysterious to the public. Gu Xijiu was the only person on board without a mask.

The stage was finally opened by Di Fuyi, and when the rare and precious lapis lazuli building appeared, the people cheered again.


Coming from the future, Gu Xijiu was used to see a plethora of strange and unique building, but it was her first time seeing something as majestic as the gate of the mystical place. It was shaped like an inverted pyramid which made it look unstable though it was very stable. Even though the wind roared at the public square, the Open Heaven Stage was still standing firmly upright.

The stage had three bright red crystal pillars radiating sunlight all over the place. These pillars seemed to have sophisticated patterns which looked both like words and flowers. When the sun glistened on it, it seemed to resemble water waves which appeared magnificent and mysterious.

The surface of the Open Heaven Stage was paved with crystal bricks that were black and white. The pattern in the center looked like the Taoist yin-yang symbol, and it was surrounded by something that looked like the Eight Trigrams Array. A mysterious light seemed to occasionally shoot out of it which looked like the aurora of the North Pole.

Having been mesmerized by this magical place, she wondered what type of tests awaited her here. "Nobody can lie on this Open Heaven Stage" Di Fuyi spoke leisurely beside her. His voice was pleasant to hear but what he said was rather thrilling, "Little Xijiu, you'd better help yourself. Only justice will prevail."

Soon after he said those words, he turned and disappeared from the ship. With a blink of an eye, he had reappeared at a pedestal on the stage. The ship continued hovering about 10 meters above the Open Heaven Stage, which was about six floors about the ground. If she jumped down, she would probably fracture herself but escape death with the aid of her Qing Gong.

Celestial Master Zuo had flown down himself and was followed by the eight young gentlemen and ladies. Their actions were greeted with cheers from the crowd.

Gu Xijiu was left alone on such a big ship! How was she going to get down? Since the news had spread quickly, most people on the ground knew that Gu Xijiu did not possess any spiritual powers. Hence, it was obviously difficult for this girl to jump at this height.

Almost everyone was worried for her.