The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Did He Just Run Away?

Without the permission of Celestial Master Zuo, no one could enter his ship. When the ship was stationary, anyone within five feet of it would be killed. There were people with high spiritual power who wanted to help her but dared not go closer to the ship.

Long Siye came close to the ship but did not go too close as he was aware of the consequences. He raised his hand to Gu Xijiu and said, "Jump to me."

Gu Xijiu stood there and glanced at him. She seemed a bit scared but finally spoke, "Overlord Long, can you catch me?"

Long Siye nodded and replied, "Sure."

He was just five feet away from the ship now. With Gu Xijiu's abilities, she could make the jump. Even if she missed, he would be able to catch her. The crowd in the square looked on helplessly as they saw Overlord Long trying to assist this girl. Some of them felt jealous and hated her so much.

They then looked at the Celestial Master Zuo who was wearing a purple robe. He was standing there and smiled lightly, but did not seem to want to help her at all. His eight servants were all standing on the high tower and surrounded him in a fan-shaped position. All of them had no expression on their face, and none of them offered to help.

Gu Xijiu stood at the border of the ship and seemed to have made a decision. Finally, she leaped toward Long Siye. When she was about to land on Long Siyes ride, he reached out his hand to pull her and suddenly disappeared!

Long Siye caught nothing and could only look at his empty palm. He remained silent.

The crowds, the Emperor who had just arrived, Celestial Master You and Celestial Master Zuo all remained silent.

It was like a drama which had been fully prepared to screen, but suddenly the main character ran away. Everyone glared toward Long Siye. They suspected that he was the one who played the trick. The Emperor looked furious as he knew that Overlord Long had wanted to bring Gu Xijiu away, but they never expected that he would do it publicly. He asked coldly, "Overlord Long, where is Gu Xijiu?"

Long Siye was wearing a curtained hat so no one could see his facial expression. He did not answer either but disappeared from the sky with his crane. Did he just run away?

The Emperor then immediately turned his attention to Celestial Master You who was still in the air hoping that he would chase after him. However, Tian Jiyue did not move at all.

A moment later he rode his golden eagle and flew in a circle around the ship. After that, he silently flew away from sight. The Emperor was stunned! He could only turn to look at Celestial Master Zuo who was on the tower. However, he was shocked as he could no longer see him on the tower either! Everyone was shocked.

The person getting verified suddenly disappeared and the three masters had left too. Would the test still go on?


At the west of the city, there was a small forest with dense and tall grass.

Long Siye stood on a tree and looked down. He had excellent eyesight, so he was able to see everything in the forest. However, he had carefully searched the area three times and could not find the person he looked for.

He clenched his fist in his sleeve.